Book Review: Not Famous Anymore by Michael Loyd Gray
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / October 9, 2012

Article first published as Book Review: Not Famous Anymore by Michael Loyd Gray on Blogcritics. About: Not Famous Anymore by Michael Loyd Gray is a fictional book which addresses the price of fame. We all know that being famous cannot be easy, but why do famous people who got what they wanted keep complaining? The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy of this book –to enter fill out the Raf­fle­copt­ter form at the end of the post 260 pages Publisher: Three Towers Press Language: English ISBN-10: 1595981578 My rating for Not Famous Anymore – 4 Buy this book in paper or electronic format* More Books by Michael Loyd Gray Thoughts: Not Famous Anymore by Michael Loyd Gray(website | Facebook | @moonpie125) asks a very interesting question: what if you were famous and decided you didn’t want to be known anymore? I keep hearing that often, someone who achieved the pinnacle of success now, when they got it, all of the sudden acts as if it is a burden. While I’m sure that it’s not easy, that is the price of success in that arena and they knew well ahead of time what they were getting themselves into. What I find even more fascinating is the…

Book Review: Michael Douglas by Mark Eliot

Article first published as Book Review: Michael Douglas: A Biography by Marc Eliot on Blogcritics About: Michael Douglas by Marc Eliot is a biography of the famous actor/producer. Mr. Douglas is an award winning actor and producer who had his share of ups and downs yet always managed to capture attention. 352 pages Publisher: Crown Archetype (September 18, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 0307952363 My rating for Michael Douglas: A Biography – 4 Buy this book in paper or electronic format* More Books by Mark Eliot Thoughts: Michael Douglas by Marc Eliot (website) highlights the accomplishments in Mr. Douglas’ professional and personal career as well as what influenced and drove the man to achieve such levels of height and fame.  Mr. Eliot concentrates on Douglas’ competitive nature as well as his relationship with his parents, especially his famous father. The relationship between Michael and Kirk Douglas is the cornerstone of this book. The author even encompasses a mini-biography of Kirk Douglas, from his defining childhood as a son to Jewish Russian immigrants and his success as a movie star to his recent stroke. Once the reader understands Kirk, we can understand Michael and the love/hate relationship which defined much of young…

Thoughts on: Temptation by Douglas Kennedy
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / April 25, 2012

Article first published as Book Review: Temptation by Douglas Kennedy on Blogcritics. About: Temptation by Douglas Kennedy is a fictional book which takes the reader on a ride from the height of success to the lows in life. What happens when a gilded door opens to a man who suddenly has ample opportunities and Hollywood clout? My rating for Temptation – 4 Buy this book in paper or in elec­tronic format. More books by Douglas Kennedy Thoughts: I have never read any of Douglas Kennedy’s books before, Temptation was my first one. The novel was a fast read, sarcastic and the narrative flowed from the start to the end. I could never put my finger on why I liked this book. I’ve been to California but I don’t “get” the culture, mind set, and attitude of the west coast. I also don’t “get” much-ado-about-nothing scandals and why do people actually care. Yet, from some strange reason the book grabbed me, which I can only attribute to Mr. Kennedy’s storytelling. I found the characters to be very relatable, David the screenwriter and protagonist isn’t exactly likeable but I could certainly feel his struggle. The story of rise to the pinnacles of professional success and the sharp descent from those…

Thoughts on: Luck and Circumstance by Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Luck and Circumstance: A Coming of Age in Hollywood, New York, and Points Beyond by Michael Lindsay-Hogg is a refreshing and amusing book in which the author talks about his lifelong haunts with honesty. The author might or might not be the son of Orson Welles, an imposing figure which comes and goes through-out Mr. Lindsay-Hogg’s life in a way which makes him seem both benevolent and detached.

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