Book Review: The Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva
4 Stars , Fiction / November 15, 2010

I borrowed this book from the local library. My rating for The Mark of the Assassin – 4 About: “The Mark of the Assassin” by Daniel Sivla is fast paced fictional mystery about CIA agent Michael Osbourne. The story takes place mainly in the United States & England and involves several contemporary themes. Thoughts: “The Mark of the Assassin” was a good, quick read with several references to Silva’s first novel “The Unlikely Spy” (book review) which I found entertaining – even though this is a separate story.   The book starts out a bit slow (but well paced) and keeps you reading with twists and a surprise I didn’t see midway through. To be fair though, the setup alone is half the book. There are many elements in the mix: political intrigue, a wife, medical issues, international locations, twists, turns and a few surprises. Those elements are a winning combination. The book has well developed characters, great plot-line and it kept me interested until the last page, as well as a theory which is thought provoking, if nothing else. | Synopsis: The story starts with an act of terrorism. A jet liner is shot out of the sky using an…

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