Book Review: Jewish Noir by Kenneth Wishnia (Editor)
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / October 27, 2015

Jewish noir is a genre which I generally enjoy. The Jewish people like to think of themselves as the “chose ones”, but that title is a mixed blessing and a curse. It’s interesting to read how the definition of noir changed from economic desperation and government corruption to stories about simply fitting in, belonging and all the drama and trauma that it entails.

Book Review: An African Affair by Nina Darnton
3 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 4, 2012

Article first published as Book Review: An African Affair by Nina Darnton on Blogcritics. About: An African Affair by Nina Darnton is a fictional book taking place in Nigeria. Ms Darnton is a seasoned reporter who found herself in a Nigerian jail after her husband, a New York Times reporter, filed some uncomplimentary stories about the ruling regime. 272 pages Publisher: Viking Adult Language: English ISBN-10: 0670022888 My rating for An African Affair – 3 Buy this book in paper or electronic format Thoughts: An African Affair by Nina Darnton (Facebook | Huffington Post) might make a stirring memoir and is a descent political thriller. I truly enjoyed how Ms. Darnton captured Nigerian culture and corruption which is accompanied with vast internal tribal interests as well as vast outside ones such as oil and drugs. I have been in several places where blatant bribery is not only accepted, but expected (I’m looking at you South American border guards) and as shocked as I was the first time, I realize that not many places are that different. But please consider that I spent most of my life in New Jersey where bribery is legal. The writing style is clear, fast and easy to read. Ms. Darnton does…

Book Review: The Soprano State by Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure
5 Stars , Non-Fiction / October 22, 2010

I bought this book. The movie Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption The Documentary: Part One is coming out today – if you want a funny, sad, poignent and thought provoking movie this is the one for you. | My rating for The Soprano State – 5   About: “The Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption” by ace political reporters Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure is a non-fiction book which examines New Jersey‘s love / hate relationship with the corrupt political class.  You don’t have to live in New Jersey to read this book, I’m sure these shenanigans go on in other states, just not as flagrant or as often. | Yo, buy the thing already – would ya’? Thoughts: This book should be required reading for any adult – especially in New Jersey – maybe then the average New Jersey voter will stop voting the same crooks into office year after year. Besides listing acts which would make any descent person ashamed to show themselves in public, this book makes a point to mention that the corruption is in the culture. After all, if everybody commits pension fraud then why shouldn’t you? | “The Soprano State” is…

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