Book Review: Galveston by P. G. Nagle
4 Stars , Historical Fiction / November 19, 2010

I got this eBook for free. My Rating for Galveston: 4 About: “Galveston  (Civil War in the Far West)” by P. G. Nagle is a historical fiction account of events in Texas and New Mexico during the American Civil War.  The story culminates in the battle for Galveston, a Texan barrier island. Civil War buffs? Buy the book here. Thoughts: Let me preface by saying that Galveston is part three or a series and I have not read parts one or two. “Galveston” by P. G. Nagle was an easy read and a fascinating one as well.  The outdoor descriptions of New Mexico and Texas are very good and help transport you to the 1860s.  I was mesmerized by the descriptions of the battle (there is only one) and the tactics used at the time.  Ms. Nagle also took the time to put us into the minds of civilians being caught in the midst of the war – an aspect which should not be overlooked. The book flows smoothly, is entertaining and well written.  However, the characters aren’t complex, but that could be due to the fact that I have not read the previous two books. I did like the…

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