Book Review: The First Wave by James R. Benn
4 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction / November 8, 2010

I bought this eBook. My rating for The First Wave – 4 About: “The First Wave” by James R. Benn is second book in the fictional Billy Boyle series.  In the Billy Boyle book (review) we meet the young Boston cop who has been enlisted as a special investigator to his uncle in Washington during WWII.  Only that his uncle is Ike, and he takes Billy with him overseas. Thoughts: While the first book in the series I considered historical-fiction, this book is more of a crime story which happens during war time. The history is there, but it there are far too many liberties taken with time-line and the story-line does not deal with any specific occurrences (such as Operation Jupiter from the last book). The author did make this clear at the end notes, otherwise my rating would dropped.That being said, I like the fact that the stories revolve around little known events of World War II instead of the big ones we all learned about. In “The First Wave” Billy has matured, he has seen devastation, revenge, backstabbing and some more of the acts men do in war time.  Much like Billy, so has Mr. Benn’s narrative…

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