Book Review: The Bat by Jo Nesbø
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / May 28, 2014

About: The Bat by Jo Nesbø is the first novel in the Harry Hole series. The series has been translated to several languages and even being made into a movie. My rat­ing for The Bat— 4 Buy this book in paper or elec­tronic for­mat* More Books by Jo Nesbø Thoughts: The Bat by Jo Nesbø is not the first  Harry Hole book I have read, I was on a book tour for The Devil’s Star and that’s when I discovered Harry Hole. The nice thing about  this series that, while you follow the characters, they novels are more or less standalone. Reading the other novels will give you more insight and more enjoyment, but they are not a must. This is an enjoyable novel, I found it peculiar that the author chose to set the novel in Australia, simply because it is the first novel in a series about a Norwegian detective, but it works. The “fish out of water” storyline seems particularly interesting in this case. Mr. Nesbø’s characters and descriptions are nicely written (great job by translator Don Bartlett) and the Norse attitude jumps off the pages. The novel’s mystery is solved about two thirds into the book…

Thoughts on: The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman
5 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Latest Posts / December 6, 2011

About: The Street Sweeper by Australian historian Elliot Perlman is a fictional book which deals with the American struggle for civil rights and the Holocaust. The book beautifully ties together the idea that we are all human and touch each other’s lives. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one advanced reader copy (ARC)  of this book— enter at the end of the post. 640 pages Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover ISBN: 1594488479 My rating for The Street Sweeper – 5 Buy & Save on The Street Sweeper through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon | Kin­dle| Book Depos­i­tory US | Book Depos­i­tory UK More books by Elliot Perlman Thoughts: The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman is storytelling at its best. The book manages to bring complex ideas to the forefront of the reader’s attention such as what is history, how do we record it or pass it along as well as the importance of firsthand accounts. A well written and sweeping book which touches many subjects and ties them all together in a humane sense rather than the meticulous books we read about history. However, the main point of the book, for me, was the importance of remembering history, not as dry dates and figures but from the point of view of people who are real people,…

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