Book Review: 1776 Year of Illusions by Thomas Fleming
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / July 8, 2013

Arti­cle orig­i­nally pub­lished as Book Review: 1776 Year of Illusions by Thomas Fleming on About: 1776 Year of Illusions by Thomas Fleming is a non-fiction book about the tremulous year. Mr. Fleming is a historical novelist and historian with special interest in the American Revolution. 525 pages Pub­lisher: Book Sales Lan­guage: English ISBN-10: 0785807241 My rat­ing for 1776 Year of Illusions — 5 Buy this book from* More Books by Thomas Fleming Thoughts: 1776 Year of Illusions by Thomas Fleming (website) does not pull any punches when describing the political crisis in North America and how each side was seeking a resolution. For every person who was committed their whole heart to a revolution, there was another who could not fathom being separated from the English crown. The book mainly focuses on the military campaigns of 1776, however the fascinating political developments in Philadelphia and London are also addressed. The author follows the American rebels from the disastrous attempt to take over Quebec, Canada to the amazing victories at Trenton and Princeton. Mr. Fleming makes it clear that the colonial society was anything but united behind the rebels, but somehow they still managed to wing. Loyalists, those who favored British rule, where everywhere and, according to the…

Book Review: Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times by H.W. Brands

Andrew Jackson was born in northern South Carolina and at the age of 13 was already a member of the Revolutionary Army and a prisoner of the British. After securing his release, his mother left him an orphan at the age of 14, but Jackson thrived and became a lawyer through apprenticeships. By 1788 Jackson became the solicitor for Nashville, a frontier town.

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