Reading Fiction Aloud

February 2, 2015

One of the long lost entertainment modes which we have lost over time is reading fiction books out loud. Many years ago, before TV or even electricity, families used to gather around the hearth and take turns reading books. Author like Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and Wilkie Collins were favorites, and still sound great being read out loud these days.

When reading books aloud, one can reflect on the way the story sounds, the voices of the characters and the way prose played role in literature. One of my favorite books, Treasure Island by Robert Louise Stevenson, was written for his adopted 14-year-old son and the author read what he wrote every day to his family in the evening.

Before you endeavor on reading fiction books out loud, remember that reading to an audience is much slower than reading in your head, if reading fiction books from Tesco to children make sure the chapter lengths are not too long. A dramatic flair also helps to read fiction books, I found that sometimes it’s difficult to remember which voice goes with which character or accent, but I do enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t have the aptitude for the dramatics, try to stay away from a monotone voice.

My kids and I enjoy taking turns reading out loud, I make great pains not to correct them too much, this is fun – not homework.

Most important though, if you don’t like the book – stop! There are plenty of other great books out there to choose from.

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  • JaneGS February 2, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Reading aloud is such a treat. I loved revisiting childhood favorites by reading them aloud to my kids. I love listening to audio books–in fact, I prefer to listen to many classics, especially those by Dickens.

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