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Fun Facts Friday: Tadeusz Różewicz
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / October 9, 2015

Tadeusz Różewicz (9 October, 1921 – 24 April, 2014) was a renowned Polish poet “Różewicz cropped” by Michał Kobyliński from – Poetyckie Foto Niusy – File:Rozewicz Grass.JPG. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons. During World War II Mr. Różewicz was in the Polish underground. Mr. Różewicz is considered to be of the first generation of Polish writers who were born after Poland regained its independence in 1918. The poet had two brothers, Janusz also a poet, and Stanislaw, a famous film director. Both of them were also in Polish underground Janusz was executed by the Gestapo in 1944. Mr. Różewicz’s mother was born Jewish but converted to Catholicism. When he wrote his first play in 1960, Mr. Różewicz already published 15 acclaimed poetry books. Mr. Różewicz has written over a dozen plays and several screenplays. Mr. Różewicz’s works were translated into all major languages. His first poems were religious and he never quite lost sight of the idea of good and evil. Mr. Różewicz’s generation survived a chaotic redrawing of Europe’s map, the rise of fascism, German occupation horrors of World War II, and the Soviet iron hand over their country.

Guest Post: Birth of the Little Green Book by Brian Herbert
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / July 10, 2014

I did not have a title yet when I began assembling ideas for a novel that would eventually be published as THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK OF CHAIRMAN RAHMA. In recent years there had been a great deal of publicity about large-scale environmental abuses to forests, water systems, and wetlands committed by a whole host of careless businesses, including developers, logging companies, and even furniture makers, all going into the woods and taking what they needed or tearing down entire forests, destroying magnificent old-grown trees.

Book Review: March Violets by Philip Kerr
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 21, 2013

Arti­cle first pub­lished as Book Review: ‘March Violets’ by Philip Kerr on Blog­crit­ics About: March Violets by Philip Kerr is the first in a series of noir novels about Bernie Gunther, an ex-policeman who turned private investigator. March violets refers to Germans who went along with the Nazi violence mindlessly. 256 pages Publisher: Penguin Books Language: English ISBN-10: 0142004146 My rating for March Violets – 4 Buy this book in paper or in elec­tronic format More Books by Philip Kerr More Rec­om­mended World War II books on Man of la BookStore Thoughts: I read a few Bernie Gunther books before this one, but after I read the first one I ran out (meaning inside) to the store (Internet) and browsed (searched) for used copies of the series. Being a single minded Neanderthal, as my beloved wife can attest to, I decided to read March Violets first because… well… it’s first. The novel has a murder/mystery aspect but even more fascinating is the sense of coping with Nazi horrors on a daily base. The sense of the Nazis taking over and destroying souls feels very real in this novel and is an underlying horror which is present on every page. The book’s psychological aspect (intended or not) of just how…

Guest Post: Indie Marketing is a Marathon
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / September 18, 2012

David LeRoy, Sept 18th, 2012 Author of The Siren of Paris. Have you ever run a Marathon? There are usually two responses to this question. One is yes, or I have always wanted to run one. The other is to question the sanity of the person asking the question. I suppose there is a third, and that is to ignore the question and change the topic. Traditional publishers usually view marketing the way sprinters approach the 50-yard dash. The effort is intense, all out, for a very specific distance and short period of time. For the author of a major release, press releases, interviews, reviews of the book, guest appearances, and signing are all coordinated into a short window of time. The goal is to get as much exposure as soon as possible, and this “launches the book.” The target market is reached and the copies are sold, sometimes. Or sometimes not. Like sentence fragments, there are mistakes. For the self published author, or ‘indie author,” this approach to marketing can produce complete burn out and exhaustion. First, few people who choose to self publish a book today, through Amazon, Smashwords, or Nook, can afford to bankroll this kind of…

Guest Review: Catch the Gold Ring by John Stephen Strange
Latest Posts / February 15, 2012

First thing’s first. Many thanks to Zohar for letting me pontificate and obfuscate on his very cool blog. I’ve been a reader of his for a little while now, and I’m extremely impressed by what he’s got going on here. I’m also extremely thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it. Now that the brown-nosing is out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan, and I’m addicted to old books. Well, maybe not “addicted.” Fond of? Intrigued by? Irresistibly drawn to? Hmm. Maybe “addicted” was the right word after all. At any rate, I operate a blog called I Read a Book Once where I offer up armchair literary criticism on both new and old texts, but, as you can probably imagine, the old ones captivate me the most. Which brings me to the whole point of this exercise, a little book called Catch the Gold Ring by John Stephen Strange. As you might surmise, that name is a pseudonym. It’s way too cool to be the genuine article. The author’s real name is Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett, an English writer (and female!) who published 22 mysteries over a nearly 50 year career. Since…

Thoughts on: The Polski Affair by Leon H. Gildin
5 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Latest Posts / November 15, 2011

Rosa Feurmann found herself in the Hotel Polski in Nazi Occupied Warsaw as part of an investigation of Jewish partisans as to exactly what is going on in there. Rumors were afloat that rich Jews were able to buy their way to freedom using false documents. However, Rosa is detected by the Gestapo Colonel in charge of the hotel and becomes his personal servant.

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