New Kiva Loan: Vitoria X Group Brazil Santo André, Brazil

October 7, 2017

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The Vitoria X Group is a client of the Banco do Povo Crédito Solidário (BPCS). It is made up of four entrepreneurs and the loan will benefit these small business owners with an increase in capital for new purchases.Francisco works in transportation and the loan will help him maintain his vehicle and perform his work more comfortably. Marilene has a small hair salon and will invest in chemical products and dyes for her clients’ hair treatments. Roberto has a small machine shop and will use the loan to invest in parts, tools and vehicle maintenance.

Claudia is the group’s leader. She is divorced and has one son with whom she lives together with her mother and a nephew. She is someone who needs help very much. Her sister passed away in an accident and left a son who Claudia takes care of. She also has health problems and she works to help the family and pay for her medical treatments. Claudia sells sweets and salty snacks door-to-door and also fills orders for parties. The loan will help her to buy supplies to make sweets.

The group thanks the investors for this help which will allow them to generate resources to support their families.

In this group: Claudia , Francisco , Marilene , Roberto

Translated from Portuguese by Kiva volunteer Marcia Margolis 

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