New Kiva Loan: Anita from the USA

June 23, 2016

A loan of $10,000 helps Anita me enhance Onēva’s technology platform so we are able to scale hiring quickly which is necessary to meet our customer’s demand.

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Anita’s story

I grew up in Richmond, CA and am the youngest of 8 kids. After graduating from high school, I attended UC Berkeley and earned a BA with Double Majors in Economics and “Economics in the Black Community” followed by a Haas MBA. I enjoyed a fantastic corporate career and now, in my 50’s, have launched a start up with my Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and husband of 30 years. We beat out over 100 companies to win “Best Startup Silicon Valley 2015”, are reviewing final drafts of our first corporate contract-a Fortune 50 firm that’s a household brand name, and are invited to Finland this summer as they selected Onēva as having the best elder care platform and service model in the world. Despite these market successes, finding investors is beyond hard. And I acknowledge that fund raising is hard for every CEO but sadly, studies confirm women entrepreneurs receive tiny percentages of all investment dollars. One of my dreams is to prove that capital chases good ideas and not the packages we were each born into.

This loan is special because:

It helps create living wage employment in the Bay Area
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