Book Review: Trans-Siberian Express by Warren Adler

January 14, 2014

Trans-Siberian Express by Warren Adler is an early novel of this famous author. Mr. Adler recently released his 33rd book and has written multiple scripts as well.

  • 412 pages
  • Publisher: Stonehouse Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1931304513

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Book Review Trans-Siberian Express by Warren AdlerMy rat­ing for Trans-Siberian Express4

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Trans-Siberian Express by Warren Adler is an intriguing novel taking place on a fancy Russian train. I loved the way Adler described the scenery and train travel on the Russian Railway system.

Adler built a whole world, with intriguing characters, all of who have an interesting history behind them, on a Russian train. The author did a great job of capturing the Russian mindset, where everyone (almost) are very proud of what they do to contribute to the whole. For example, one of the train workers is proud of her job, the cleanliness of the cabins, the hallways and takes it as a personal affront if the train runs late.

Adler shows his mastery in storytelling by handling flashbacks in a way which doesn’t slow the story down and actually moves it forward. Each flashback reveals more about the character, their psyche, motivations and train of thought.

The most entertaining part of the book is the descriptions of the Russian amenities, or lack thereof, on the train. From a bit of research I did it seems the author got it right and even if he didn’t, it makes for a great story.

The story also has no villains per say, each individual is totally committed to what he or she is doing, believing 110% that they are right. If anything I’d say that the protagonist, Dr. Cousins, is the “bad” guy even though he also believes that he is right and sticking with his moral convictions.

This is a well written book which drew me into Russia and onto the train. The narrative moves fast, the story is interesting the descriptions of the landscape are fascinating.

Victor Dimitrov, Russian head of state, is suffering from leukemia. Not trusting the doctors in Russia to keep his secret from his political enemies, he requests an American doctor to treat him. Dr. Alex Cousins is hand picked for the job by the President, however Dr. Cousins discover that Dimitrov is planning to go out with a bang and strike China with nuclear weapons before he dies.

Fearing that Dr. Cousins will thwart his plan (by revealing it to America), Dimitrov sends him on a long trip to Eastern Russia. The good doctor is being watched, but by who and why is the question.

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