Guest Review: Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

February 26, 2013

For an interesting book that can suck you in, “Ghostman” by Roger Hobbs can easily eat any available time you may have. If you like crime stories, this novel involves the classic casino heist with an added twist. The heist doesn’t really go as planned and a man simply known as ‘Jack’ is called upon to help. It’s a fun novel that has everything you could want in a crime story, and Roger Hobbs delivers a well written and hard to put down book.

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1. Flashbacks – The book is written using a style of flashback that is easy to follow. These glimpses of the past happen five years prior to the current events of the novel and could stand apart from the book itself. Many times, authors try to engage the reader with character building flashbacks that usually end up confusing them. That confusion is simply not present in “Ghostman.”

2. Unique Characterization – The character of ‘Jack’ is developed very well and is easy to visualize. Being a master of disguises, ‘Jack’ can change his appearance to become virtually anyone he wishes. Roger Hobbs has done a masterful job at detailing these abilities and more throughout the building of this master criminal. With enough of a back-story as to not drown out the main plot, the development of ‘Jack’ is nothing short of inspiring.

3. Sequel Worthy – There are many books on the market where authors have already planned on making additional volumes. If Roger Hobbs hadn’t decided to make a sequel to this epic criminal tale, he should. It’s one of those novels that you begin to feel anxiety as you watch the pages get thinner towards the end. Once the book is finished, you wish it wouldn’t have. You will hope that Hobbs will continue with this tale.

When it comes to entrancing criminal stories, “Ghostman” takes a whole new approach and has a unique twist that readers don’t prepare for. It’s dual-timeline feel and well developed characters make you wish that the book would continue when it’s over. For those who love tales of crime, this book would make an excellent present.

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