Guest Post: Social Media Optimization for Authors, Writers, and Book Publishers

March 19, 2012


Before anything else, here is a good question for anyone who intends to launch and endorse his or her next book usinmg social media. “How do you plan to create a fan base on Twitter, Facebook, or any social networking site?”


Internet Facts

First, let us look into important numbers regarding the Web’s development more than two decades ago.


  • The first website was set up in 1990.
  • There were 252 million people in North America and 738 million in Asia browsing the Internet by 2009.
  • There were 234 million websites by 2010 with 1.8 billion users.


Social Media Truths

Those are statistical facts about the Internet. Now, let us proceed with a few insights on social media.


  • Facebook has over 650 million users.
  • Many people view more than 30 billion YouTube videos in a month.
  • Twitter has received 74 million unique visits in January 2010 and has passed the 10-billion Tweet mark after two months.


What do all these details mean to you and your profession then? Social media is capable of strengthening your content.


Social Media Optimisation

OK. So, what comes next? Now, here are some strategies for specific sites.


1. Facebook

  • Start by creating a fan page, so you can grow a considerable number of members.
  • Ensure that it is easy for them to hit “like” on your official website, blog, and other online assets. This way, you already have a huge fan base once your book comes out.
  • Draw more users to your profile by offering exclusive previews to your book.
  • Post content with images or videos since many Facebook members are generally visual and they would love to go over anything you put on your Wall if it includes pictures.
  • Do not forget to publish new content at least twice each week.
  • Analyse and optimise using Facebook’s Insights Tool.


2. Twitter

  • Create a targeted list of followers and following (users who have similar interests as you) even before launching your book.
  • Post a photo on your account.
  • Add your website or Facebook URL in the account settings.
  • Link your Twitter URL to all the pages on your site and put a retweet button on your articles.
  • Write tweets not more than 100-120 characters, so your followers can comment when they retweet.


3. YouTube

  • Make a YouTube Channel.
  • Link your video to your website and other social media fan pages by placing the URL on the description section.
  • Put relevant tags (associated with the video’s title) to optimise it.
  • Ask a popular person to review it before launching your book.


Other than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you can create more profile pages on other social media sites. When doing so, do not forget that the main idea is putting linking to your other Web content. Finally, keep them intrigued on your work through sneak peeks and synopses.

About the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic SEO company which is based in Bristol delivering successful campaigns to both SMEs and major brands


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