Guest Post: How to Go From Writer to Published Author

January 24, 2013

How to Go From Writer to Published Author

Many people have a book inside of them just waiting to get out, yet have no idea how to go from being a writer to published author. The first step is to know what you want to write about, and start writing. I say this because writers sometimes do everything under the sun, except actually write. Perhaps, you have already written a manuscript, but cannot get an agent or publisher to read it. The good news is it easier to get published these days than ever before, if you are willing to follow some sound advice.

You must know what you want to write and publish, and who to market your work to. If you are seeking a general publishing house, obtain a copy Writer’s Market by Robert Lee Brewer. On the other hand if you are writing for the Christian market you need a copy of The Christian Writers’ Market Guide by Jerry Jenkins. Both are fine books and offer a good place to learn about your specific genre. In addition, you can obtain great advice and tips from people who are in the business. Do a Google search for other writers and publisher’s blogs. Look for names like Rachelle Gardner, Jane Friedman, and Yates and Yates.

If you have already written your book you need to write a professional, killer book proposal. Be aware most publishers will not read unsolicited manuscripts. Writing a solid and compelling book proposal is a good start. However, to get in the publishing house door you need a literary agent to represent you. You can purchase the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents to find an agent who represents your genre.

If getting published in the traditional manner seems daunting, it can be. However, you can self-publish your work. Amazon’s Kindle and Barns and Noble’s Nook have changed the publishing game forever. EBooks are now big business, and there is no reason you cannot go down this route. Many people have self-published their book for the kindle, and then landed lucrative publishing contracts from one of the big publishing houses. Others have made it big simply going down the self-publishing route.

Consider, Amanda Hocking a previously unknown writer. She wrote 17 novels in her spare time. Google her or search for her books on Amazon and you will find she is a true rags to riches story. She writes paranormal romance fiction for younger readers, and is immensely successful. Finding a profitable niche will help you land book sales on Amazon. For example, the 60 Shades of Gray trilogy was written by a British mum, E.L. James. Her niche is female erotica. Her books go far beyond the typical trashy romance novels, and she has found a niche that sells.

Finally, if you are an aspiring writer wanting to become published you must know who you are writing to. If you are considering the traditional publishing route you must have an agent, otherwise your book proposal or manuscript will never be read by the publisher. Search the Internet for people who are in the industry. Many publishers and well known authors maintain blogs offering tips and advice on how to become a better writer, and get published. Do not rule out self-publishing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble because it can indeed be quite lucrative.


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