3 Apps Every Book Lover Needs to Try

January 21, 2015

3 Apps Every Book Lover Needs to Try

We’ve all heard it before – mobile technology is taking over and people are shedding physical books in favor of digital copies. We no longer use our fingers to turn pages, and instead, we slide them down touchscreens. Some say it’s good – as those who consume books digitally are statistically more likely to purchase books rather than borrow them – and some say it’s bad. Whether you’re for physical books or think that e-books are the future, there’s no denying how helpful mobile technology has become for readers everywhere.

According to Gaming Realms, the company that owns and operates mobile gaming website Spin Genie, the market for virtual goods was worth $7.3 billion in 2010, and this number is said to have doubled by 2014, thanks in part to the increased adoption of smartphones all over the world. Global revenues for e-books are also expected to rise from $8.4 billion in 2013 to $18.9 billion by 2018. But mobile apps aren’t just for people who want to read e-books – even bookworms with physical books can benefit from them immensely. Here are three apps you need to try:

1. Book Catalogue

Anyone who owns they’re favorite books can tell you that trying to keep track of each and every book in your collection can be a tiresome ordeal. Book Catalogue, however, makes it all easy, allowing you to add books to the catalog manually, by ISBN, or by barcode. You can then sort your collection in any way you want, and even keep track of whether or not you’ve lent the book to someone, and who you lent it to so you’ll never lose books again.

2. To Read

Need new books to read? To Read is the perfect app to go to for reading recommendations and keeping track of the books you want to read. It’s a great tool for those who can never have enough books – just populate your list before going to your favorite bookstore, and show the list to the cashier so they can help you find the books you’re pining for.

3. Rapid Reader

Wish you could read more in less time? Some time ago, a revolutionary service called Spritz came online, claiming to help people teach how to speed read by manipulating how words are presented to the reader. Finally, an app using Spritz’s technology has been launched. Called Rapid Reader, the app lets you connect your Pocket, Readability, or Instapaper accounts so you can practice speed reading that should have you reading 1000 words per minute.

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