Graphic Novel Review: James Bond: Vargr by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters

July 6, 2016

James Bond: Vargr is a graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. This graphic novels collects all the issues into one fine book.

  • 176 pages
  • Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1606909010

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My rat­ing for James Bond: Vargr — 5
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James Bond: Vargr by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters what every graphic novel should be, great story, great art and pages which speak for themselves. The layouts are very clever, well designed and the story is interesting and exciting.

The way Mr. Masters drew Bond is almost exactly how I imagined him looking via the descriptions in the Ian Fleming books. Bond is still an ordinary man (a kind of a jerk), who throws himself and his small gun into situations which are dangerous with little regard to safety or protocol.

The story reaches back to the Fleming novels by using a bit of science fiction and villains who are strong physically but are emotional wrecks. The villains are not super-hero bad guys, but just strong enough to give Bond some trouble and make the story exciting.

The graphic novel also includes other goodies, such as variant covers and a gallery. Vargr is an original story, not a cheesy adaptation we are used to seeing and is well worth picking up.

James Bond, agent 007 of British Secret Service, returns to London from  a vengeance mission in Helsinki and resumes the boring duties of the 00 section. Soon enough he gets a new mission, this time in Berlin to break a drug trafficking cartel.

Bond, as well as the Secret Service, fail to realize the enormity of the operation, or their true purpose.  Bond, again, goes full force against forces much greater than him which he doesn’t fully understand.

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