Graphic Novel Review: Arale by Tristan Roulot

February 19, 2019


Arale by Tristan Roulot (illustrated by Denis Rodier) is a graphic novel taking place in Russia, 1934 in which the Czar is mortally wounded and Rasputin concocts a mind transfer plan. This graphic novel was originally published in France.

  • 66 pages
  • Publisher: Europe Comics
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07N8C3CZK

Graphic Novel Review: Arale by Tristan Roulot
My rating for Arale5
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Arale by Tristan Roulot (illustrated by Denis Rodier) is a dark, gritty, fantasy graphic novel which blends science, facts, myths, and fiction into a rich story, which is as original as it is interesting. The author does a great job telling the story quickly and getting the reader immersed almost from the first panel.

There is much commentary on Russia of the time, the Czar’s rule, the true cost of war and the cost that the war industry demands in blood and treasure. The author sends the reader down a path full of twists and turn, full of familiar, yet unfamiliar, landmarks gradually building an irresistible plot full of strong characters.

The art is fantastic, full of great scenery and expressive battlefields. Mr. Rodier draws very dramatic, expressive and dynamic panels suited for the story that is being told.

A very dark alternative future is imagined in this story. The author sends home a message of caution not only to Russians, but the world in general.
If they will only listen.


It is 1934, Russia has been fighting a perpetual war which demands the lives of its young, and treasure galore. The Russian Czar has been mortally wounded in an ambush, and Rasputin turns to his Council of Dark Mages and Baba Yaga, his former mentor, to find the Czar’s lost heir for a mind transfer.

World War I war hero, Kyril Noskov, has been training soldiers to pilot a new war machine. Unbeknownst to him his trainees will never make it out alive once they graduate.

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Arale by Tristan Roulot

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