Book Review: After Alice by Gregory Maguire

November 23, 2015

After Alice by Gregory Maguire is a novel written in the style of Lewis Carroll about a friend of Alice who follows her into Wonderland. Mr. Maguire wrote the bestselling novel Wicked and its sequels among other books.

  • 288 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0060548959

Book Review: After Alice by Gregory Maguire

My rat­ing for After Alice— 3
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I really wanted to like After Alice by Gregory Maguire and it started off great. I thought Mr. Maguire did a great job writing in the style of Lewis Carroll and paid homage to the author. I also thought that the premise was clever, following Alice’s friend, Ada, down the rabbit hole, always chasing Alice, missing her a few moments each time.

The shtick got old though, I thought the book could have used less characters and maybe a few less side stories.  That’s too bad because the author wrote Ada as a rational, serious child trying to rationalize what she sees as she quickly falls into surrealism.

I thought this concept, of a logical child following Alice, could have been fun and entertaining, and even the side stories could have been fun. I felt though that the author started with these great concepts and then simply didn’t finish them, instead going on tangents and adding more characters.

This book certainly has its ups and downs, but I did enjoy it. I wish the author finished his stories, instead it’s a mish-mash of some very entertaining stories and some which are not.

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