Fun Facts Friday: T.F. Powys

December 20, 2013

T.F. Powys (20 December, 1875 – 27 November, 1953) was an English writer and poet.

Fun Facts Friday: T.F. Powys

Books by T.F. Powys

  1. The T.F. stands for Theodore Francis
  2. Powy’s fater was a Reverend ,the vicar of Montacute.
  3. The Powys has 11 children, out of which 5 were published and one was a noted artist.
  4. T.F. didn’t like school and at age 15 went to work on a farm and even ran his own farm called White House Farm at Sweffling, Sufffolk before deciding to retire and start writing circa 1904.
  5. In 1905 he married Violet Dodd. The couple had two sons and an adopted daughter.
  6. The Bible was a major influence on Powys as well as 17th and 18th centuries writers such as Henry Fielding and Jonathan Swift
  7. Even though the Bible was an influence, Powys practiced an unorthodox version of Christianity which included strands of mysticism, pantheism(the belief that the totality of everything) is identical with divinity)  and quietism.
  8. Powys also admired Friedrich Nietzche, Thomas Hardy and Sigmund Freud.
  9. Powys is known as “an who rarely left home or travelled in a car, who claimed to love monotony, and who ‘never gave so much as a sunflower-seed for the busy, practical life’”.
  10. The author died in Mappowder, Dorset, where he was buried.

Books by T.F. Powys

Zohar – Man of la Book


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