Fun Facts Friday: O. Henry

September 11, 2015

Henry (11 September, 1862 – 5 June, 1910) was an American known for his surprising and witty short stories.

William Sydney Porter by doubleday.jpg
William Sydney Porter by doubleday” by W.M. Vanderweyde, New York – NYPL Digital Gallery.
Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.


  1. The author’s full name was William Sydney Porter in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  2. He only went to school until the age of 15.
  3. At the age of 20, Mr. Porter was working in a ranch in Texas and later, as a bank teller.
  4. In 1887. Mr. Porter got married and at the same year founded a humorous weekly – the Rolling Stone.
  5. The Rolling Stone failed, and Mr. Porter became a columnist for the Houston Post.
  6. Due to a technical mismanagement at the bank, Mr. Porter was indicted for embezzling funds in 1896 and fled to New Orleans, then to Honduras.
  7. Sadly, he was forced to return to Texas due to his wife’s illness, and was imprisoned after her death.
  8. During his three year incarnation, Mr. Porter wrote adventure stories set in Texas and Central America which became popular.
  9. After his release in 1902, Mr. Porter took on the nom de plumb O. Henry and wrote a story a week for a newspaper.
  10. He wrote about 300 short stories.

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