Fun Facts Friday: Mariano Azuela

January 1, 2021

Mariano Azuela (January 1, 1873 – March 1, 1952) was a Mexican doctor and author. He is known mostly for his novels revolving around the Mexican Revolution.

Fun Facts Friday: Mariano Azuela
Books by Mariano Azuela*

  1. Born as Mariano Azuela Gonzales in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco to a successful rancher where he grew up.
  2. At age 14 the young man entered a Catholic seminary, but it was soon realized he was not meant for this type of life, and went on to study medicine in Guadalajara.
  3. The author’s first published work was in 1896 Mexico City weekly titled Impressions of a Student. In 1911 he published  his first novel, Andres Perez, maderista.
  4. Once he received his M.D. (1899), the future author practiced first in his hometown, and after the Mexican Revolution in Mexico City.
  5. Mr. Azuela married Carmen Rivera in 1900, the couple had five sons and five daughters.
  6. After Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz, which Mr. Azuela opposed, was overthrown, President Francisco I. Madero appointed him Chief of Political Affairs of Lagos de Moreno, and three years later, in 1914, the Director of Education of Jalisco.
  7. After Madero was assassinated, Dr. Azuela joined the Constitutionalist cause which championed the rule of law.
  8. During the Mexican Revolution, he served as a field doctor to the forces of Julián Medina, a follower of Pancho Villa. His participation gave him ample material to write his 1915 war novel Los de Abajo (The Underdogs).
  9. For a short time, Dr. Azuela had to live in El Paso, TX while the counterrevolutionary forces of Victoriano Huerta were temporarily on the rise.
  10. Dr. Azeula was disillusioned with the Mexican Revolution. He fought to right wrongs, and while some of that did happen, it had given rise to other injustices in which he saw unprincipled self-servers climbing over the underprivileged for their own enrichment. His latter novels were often known for their bitter sarcasm.

Books by Mariano Azuela*

Zohar — Man of la Book
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