Fun Facts Friday: Larry McMurtry

June 3, 2023

Larry McMurtry (June 3, 1936 – March 25, 2021) was an American novelist, book collector, bookseller and screenwriter. He is know for writing about present day Texas, or the Old West.

Fun Facts Friday: Larry McMurtry
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Fun Facts about Larry McMurtry:

  1. Larry Jeff McMurtry was born in Archer City, Texas. His parents, Hazel and William McMurtry owned a ranch outside the city.
  2. Even though the ranch had no books, Mr. McMurtry remembers that the family used to sit out on the porch and tell stories.
  3. When his cousin went off to fight in World War II, the future author inherited his library of 19 books which changed his life. The books included an abbreviated version of Don Quixote which he remembers fondly.
  4. Upon enrolling in Houston’s Rice University (back then it was Rice Institute) a whole new world of reading was opened to the future author.
  5. By the early 1970s Mr. McMurtry was already an award winning author and scholar. His books Horseman, Pass By, The Last Picture Show, The Iron Orchard, and Lonesome Dove (a Pulitzer winner as well), are all still well known and appreciated.
  6. Even though most people think of the Old West when the hear the name Larry McMurtry, he never romanticized the era. In fact, out of 19 novels, only four take place in the Old West. In an interview he flat out said that there’s nothing romantic or cinematic about the time.
  7. In 1971, Mr McMurtry opened up Booked Up Book Store in Washing DC. He was teaching at George Mason University at the time. The store sold most.y rare books. Later on he opened up a few more book stores in Texas and Arizona.
  8. Felling the collection of antique books was a liability for his heirs, Larry McMurtry downsized it in 2012. The epic book auction that followed was announced as The Last Booksale.
  9. Mr. McMurtry is also knwon for the adaptations of his books to TV and film. He won many awards including an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain.
  10. Ten years before his death, Larry McMurtry married Norma Faye Kesey, the widow of famous writer Ken Kesey.

Books by Larry McMurtry*

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Fun Facts Friday: Larry McMurtry
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Fun Facts Friday: Larry McMurtry
Larry McMurtry was an American novelist, book collector, bookseller and screenwriter. He is know for writing about present day Texas, or the Old West.
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