Fun Facts Friday: Johannes V. Jensen

January 20, 2017

Johannes V. Jensen (20 January, 1873 – 25 November, 1950) was a Danish author and Noble Prize winner.

Book by Johannes V. Jensen
Book by Johannes V. Jensen

1)      Mr. Jensen is considered to be the first great 20th Century Danish writer.

2)      Son of veterinary surgeon, Mr. Jensen worked as a writer to finance his tuition studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

3)      The V stands for Vilhelm.

4)      Kongens Fald (The Fall of the King), considered his first masterpiece written around 1900-1901 was a historical novel of King Christian II.

5)      In 1999 two Danish newspapers proclaimed, independently, that Kongens Fald was the best Danish novel of the 20th Century.

6)      His collection of poems Digte 1906 is considered his greatest literary achievement.

7)      Digte 1906 introduced prose poem to Danish literature.

8)      Mr. Jensen worked as a journalist for many years without actually joining the staff of any newspaper.

9)      Mr. Jensen’s sister, Thit Jensen, was also a famous writer, controversial and an early feminist.

10)   Den lange rejse, (The Long Journey) six novels written between 1908 and 1922 were a controversial attempt to write a Darwinian alternative to the biblical creation story, from the ice age to Columbus.

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