Fun Facts Friday: Jean-Paul Sartre

June 21, 2019

Jean-Paul Sartre (21 June, 1905 – 15 April, 1980) was a French novelist, biographer, critic, playwright and philosopher.

Books by Jean-Paul Sartre*
Books by Jean-Paul Sartre*

  1. Born as Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre in Paris, he was the only child of a French Navy Officer and his wife.
  2. Sadly, his father passed away when he was two years old, his mother raised him by herself with the help of her father.
  3. Ann-Marie Sartre, his mother, was cousin to the famous Nobel Prize laureate Albert Schweitzer.
  4. He was a practical joker during his time at Ecole Normale Supérieure, a school he was attending. Once he convinced the media that following his transatlantic flight, famed aviator Charles Lindbergh would stop at the school. Him and his classmates hired a lookalike, how walked in with the media behind him.
    Due to this and other pranks, the schoolmaster was forced to resign.
  5. During World War II, Mr. Sartre was drafted into the French army as a meteorologist. In 1940 he was captured by the Germans and spent nine months as a POW.
  6. During his captivity, he wrote Barionà, fils du tonnerre, his first theatrical piece.
  7. Upon returning to Paris in 1941, Mr. Sartre helped found the underground group Socialisme et Liberté.
  8. In 1964 Mr. Sartre won the Nobel Prize in Literature by turned it down.
  9. He was in an open relationship with Simone de Beauvoir, a prominent feminist and fellow existentialist philosopher.
  10. Fifty thousand people showed up to his funeral in 1980.

Books by Jean-Paul Sartre*

Zohar — Man of la Book
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