Fun Facts Friday: Fannie Hurst

October 19, 2018

Fannie Hurst (19 October, 1885 – 23 February, 1968) was a novelist and short-story writer from Ohio.

Fun Facts Friday: Fannie HurstBooks by Fannie Hurst*

Fun Facts about Fannie Hurst:

  1. Hurst was born in Hamilton, OH, but grew up in St. Louis, MS. Her father owned a shoe factory.
  2. In 1909 Ms. Hurst wrote both the book and the lyrics for the comic opera The Official Chaperon during her last term in Washington University.
  3. Her marriage to Jacques Danielson was strange for the time (1920s), and even today. The couple lived their own separate lives, and even maintained separate residences.
  4. After Mr. Danielson passed away in 1952, Ms. Hurst wrote him a weekly letter for the next 16 years.
  5. During the 1920s Ms. Hurst was one of the highest paid American writers.
  6. Besides 19 novels, Mrs. Hurst also published more than 300 short stories, four plays (which were produced on Broadway), an autobiography and a memoir.
  7. Popular after World War I, Ms. Hurst supported many social causes included African American equality, New Deal programs, and feminism.
  8. Hurst was a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt and visited the White House often.
  9. Some of the public posts Ms. Hurst held were chair of the National Housing Commission (1936-37), and a delegated to the World Health Organization (1952).
  10. Known as “one of the great trash novelists”, Ms. Hurst’s work has inspired other best-selling authors such as Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz, and Jacqueline Susann.

Books by Fannie Hurst*

Zohar — Man of la Book
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Fun Facts Friday: Fannie Hurst
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Fun Facts Friday: Fannie Hurst
Fannie Hurst (19 October, 1885 – 23 February, 1968) was a novelist and short-story writer from Ohio.
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