Fun Facts Friday: Erma Bombeck

February 21, 2014

Erma Louise Bombeck (21 February, 1927 – 22 April, 1996) was an American writer, columnist, author and humorist. Ms. Bombeck’s newspaper column, which described suburban life, was very popular for decades.

Fun Facts Friday Erma BombeckBooks by Erma Bombeck

  1. Erma started elementary school one year earlier than usual for her age and became and excellent student.
  2. Young Erma tremendously enjoyed popular humor writers.
  3. Erma was hired for a local radio show as a child, she tapped and sang for eight years.
  4. In Junior High School, Erma began writing a humor column for the school paper.
  5. In high school, Erma wrote a serious column.
  6. Erma’s first job was as a copygirl for the Dayton Herald.
  7. Erma’s first journalistic gig was to interview Shirley Temple on her visit to Dayton, OH. The interview was featured in the paper.
  8. Erma left Ohio University after one semester, she failed many of her literary assignments and was rejected by the university newspaper. In 1978, Erma’s column was published in 900 newspapers in the US and by 1985 she was published also in Canada as well as being collected for a series of books.
  9. In 1978 Ms. Bombeck was involved in the Presidential Advisory Committee for Women, particularly for the final implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment
  10. Ms. Bombeck wrote multiple TV shows, none were successful but she did become a TV personality for a few years doing commentary and interviews on Good Morning America.

Books by Erma Bombeck

Zohar – Man of la Book

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