Fun Facts Friday: Earl Biggers

August 26, 2016

Earl Biggers (26 August, 1886 – April 5, 1933) was a journalist and a writer born in the United States. Mr. Biggers is known for his novels featuring fictional Chinese detective Charlie Chan.

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Books by Earl Biggers*

  1. Mr. Biggers was born in Warren, OH.
  2. In 1907 Mr. Biggers graduated from Harvard University.
  3. He made his living working as a journalist for The Plain Dealer.
  4. Mr. Biggers first popular work of fiction was Seven Keys to Baldpate (1913).
  5. Seven Keys to Baldpate was adapted in to a hit Broadway play by George M. Cohan.
  6. Seven Keys to Baldpate was so popular it was adapted into nine movies over the years (seven of which took the name of the book), and revived in 1935 as a  Broadway play.
  7. The Charlie Chan detective stories were written a decade after the success of Seven Keys to Baldpat.
  8. The Charlie Chan movies were so popular in Shanghai, that Chinese movie companies started making their own adaptations.
  9. Detective Chang Apana was the inspiration for Charlie Chan.
  10. Mr. Biggers posthumously inducted into the Warren City Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.

Books by Earl Biggers*

Zohar – Man of la Book
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