Fun Facts Friday: Charles Moulton

May 9, 2014

Charles Moulton (9 May, 1893 – 2 May, 1947 was an American psychologist, inventor and comic book writer who created the character Wonder Woman.

Fun Facts Friday Charles Moulton

  1. His real name is William Moulton Marston.
  2. The systolic blood pressure test was invented by Marston after his wife suggested that blood pressure and emotions might be connected. This test is used as one of the components of a modern polygraph test.
  3. Marston was convinced that women were more honest and reliable than men, as well as work faster and more accurately.
    Who am I to argue?
  4. Elizabeth Martson came up with the idea of a female superhero in the 1940s where male superheros dominated the comic book scene. Martson himself wanted a hero who would trimph with “love”. “Fine”, said Elizabeth, “but make her a woman”.
  5. It is said that Martson based Wonder Woman on Elizabeth and Olive Byrne.

    Image from Guest Post: The Women Behind Wonder Woman
  6. The original name for Wonder Woman was Suprema.
  7. Wonder Woman debut in All Star Comics #8 in December 1941 and has been in print since January 1942 (when Wonder Woman #1 debut) except for four months in 2006.
  8. Marston devoted his life writing about psychological topics, but spent the last six years writing comics.
  9. Marston saw “great educational potential” of comic books.
  10. Marston was honored in “Fifty Who Made DC Great” publication. He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006.

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