Fun Facts Friday: Carl Sandburg

January 6, 2017

Carl Sandburg (6 January, 1878 – 22 July 1967) was an American writer, editor and poet.

Photograph of Sandburg
By Al Ravenna, World Telegram staff photographer – Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection., Public Domain, Link

  1. Sandburg’s parents emigrated from Sweden.
  2. The family’s name was originally Johnson, but due to the many Johnson’s his father met he renamed the family.
  3. At age 13 Mr. Sandburg left school to help out his poor family.
  4. At age 17 Mr. Sandburg lived as a hobo.
  5. During the Spanish-American War, Mr. Sandburg served in Puerto Rico.
  6. During his service, a student from Lombard College, which was in Mr. Sandburg’s hometown, convinced him to enroll.
  7. Professor Philip Green Wright saw talent in his Sandburg, his student, encouraged him to write and even paid to publish his volume book of poems.
  8. Mr. Sandburg never graduated, but he did receive an honorary diploma later on in life.
  9. Mr. Sandburg received three Pulitzer Prizes, two for poetry and one for the second volume of his biography of Abraham Lincoln.
  10. Carl Sandburg’s boyhood home in Galesburg is now a museum.
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