Fun Facts Friday: Bella Spewack

March 25, 2016

Bella Spewack (25 Marc, 1899 – 27 April, 1990) was a writer and part of a husband-and-wife writing team.

  1. Born as Bella Cohen, she was the oldest of three children to a single mom in Bucharest, Romania.
  2. When she was a child, her family emigrated to the US and resided in Manhattan.
  3. Bella married Samuel Spewack in 1922 when they were both working as reporters (for different papers).
  4. The couple worked as news correspondents in Moscow for four years.
  5. When the couple returned to the US, they set roots in New Hope, PA.
  6. The couple wrote together several plays and screenplays.
  7. For the movie My Favorite Wife, they were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Story in 1940.
  8. In 1948 the turbulent couple wrote Kiss Me Kate which won two Tony Awards (Best Musical and Best Author of a Musical).
  9. Bella Spewack also became a successful publicist for the Camp Fire Girls and the Girl Scouts.
  10. Bella claimed to have come up with the idea of selling Girl Scout cookies to raise revenue.

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