Fun Facts Friday: André Malraux

December 3, 2021

André Malraux (3 November, 1901 – 23 November, 1976) was a novelist, politician, and art theorist from France.

Fun Facts Friday: André MalrauxBooks by André Malraux*

Fun facts about André Malraux:

  1. Georges André Malraux was born in Paris, France. His parents divorced when he was four years old, and he was raised by his mother, aunt, and grandmother in the town of Bondy.
  2. From childhood, Malraux has been known to have motor and vocal tics. However, this has not been a significant factor in his life or work.
  3. Even though he did not finish his formal education, Mr. Malraux was curious enough to explore museums, libraries, and bookstores.
  4. In 1920 Mr. Malraux’s first published work, an article called “The Origins of Cubist Poetry”, was published in a magazine named Action.
  5. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, was a major influence on the poet.
  6. Florence Malraux, the poet’s daughter from his first marriage to writer/translator Clara Goldschmiddt, married Alain Resnais. Mr. Resnais was a famous French film director and screenwriter for over 60 years.
  7. André Malraux joined the French Army during World War II. He was captured during The Battle of France (1940), but escaped and joined the French Resistance. He was captured by the Gestapo in 1944, and later commanded a brigade in defense of France, and attack on Stuttgart.
  8. General Charles de Gaulle appointed André Malraux as his Minister for Information in 1945. He served for one year, but later held the post of France’s first Minister of Cultural Affairs (1958 – 1969).
  9. The far-right French terrorist organization Organisation armée secrete (OAS) attempted to assassinate Mr. Malraux, setting off a bomb in his apartment building.
  10. A heavy smoker with cancer, Mr. Malraux died from a lung embolism. His ashes are now at the panthéon in Paris in recognition of his contributions to French culture.

Books by André Malraux*

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Fun Facts Friday: André Malraux
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Fun Facts Friday: André Malraux
André Malraux (3 November, 1901 – 23 November, 1976) was a novelist, politician, and art theorist from France.
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