BBAW Day 1: Community
Latest Posts , Opinion / September 12, 2011

I’m going to tell you right off the bat that I’m going to cheat. This weeks marks the 2011 Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Yes, I have my favorite book bloggers and they know who they are. There are several which I follow religiously but mostly I simply enjoy looking at my RSS feed knowing that there are many other bookish people out there who like to share their experience reading. I’m a firm believer that reading was, and could be again, a social activity. In days of yore people use to sit around the fireplace taking turns reading passages out loud and discussing them. Those days were gone but they’re coming back. Instead of a glowing fire (sounds romantic but imagine the dirt, cinder and smoke) we have glowing computer screens and we don’t read out loud anymore but we certainly discuss the books. The beauty of it is that we can get opinions of people across the ocean and, based on our own depiction of reality, discuss how a certain book affected us in different ways. Book blogging also takes a huge amount of time, several hours a day to maintain a consistent blog (lots of reading and writing)….

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