Book Review: War of Shadows by Gershom Gorenberg
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / January 13, 2021

The book does a great job to taking a complex, and messy, narrative and shaping it for the reader to understand. It was amusing to read how an obscure, but genius, cryptographer working in a dank room had far reaching consequences on the other side of the world without anyone knowing about it.

Book Review: Miraflores by Keith Yocum
5 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Latest Posts / December 16, 2020

Pretending to be an English professor at the University of Panama, Nick is trying to infiltrate student groups who are determined to regain ownership of the Panama Canal. Nick, however, is still a young man (23) and falls in love with one of his students, which plays with his heart, mind, and ideologies – something a spy cannot afford.

Book Review: Thorn of the Night Blossoms by J.C. Kang
5 Stars , Fantasy , Fiction , Latest Posts / December 14, 2020

Jie is a half-elf assassin working in a house of ill repute to gather information for her clan, the Black Lotus. Jie is loyal, stubborn, but her overconfidence seems to be her downfall.

Lilian’s talents are poising, sensuality, and poetry. She can get information out of anyone, and have them thank her for the pleasure. Lilian’s mission is an important warlord, but she is also in the crosshairs, as well as other clan sisters. Together Jie and Lilian must test their loyalties.

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