Books by Author A-L

April 26, 2022


– A –

Abrams, Dan

Abnett, Dan

Abu-Jabar, Diana

Abu-Rish, Wagih

Adams, Mark

  • Turn Right at Machu Picchu – A nonfiction travelogue/history/investigate report in which the author fol­lows the foot­steps of Hiram Bing­ham III.

Adjapon, Bisi

  • The Teller of Secrets – A coming of age novel about a Nigerian-Ghanian girl in the late 1960s, discovering feminism

Afshar, Tessa

  • Pearl in the Sand– Biblical fiction story of Rahab, one of the most famous and controversial figures in the Jewish bible

Aguinis, Marcos

  • The Passion According to Carmela (translated by Carolina De Robertis) – A novel which takes place during the Cuban Revolution and follows an an idealistic divorcee who gets caught up in the excitement of the Cuban Revolution, and run away from her wealthy parents to join Fidel Castro and his rebels.

Aja, David

Albright, Madeleine

Aldrin, Buzz

Allende, Isabel

  • Daughter of Fortune – A historical fiction story following a young Chilean girl following the love of her life to California during the Gold Rush

  • In the Midst of Winter – A novel about three people who need each other’s help during a snowstorm in New York City.

  • Inés of My Soul–  A historical fiction book which follows Spanish conquistadora Inés Suarez writing her memoirs on her deathbed

  • Maya’s Notebook– A fic­tional novel and a com­ing of age story, told in the form of a journal by a young woman sent to an island off the coast of Chile to hid from the FBI, Interpol, Las Vegas PD and gangsters.

  • Violeta – Tells the story of a woman’s turbulent life, through letters she’s writing her grandson

  • The Wind Knows My Name by Isabel Allende – A novel spanning decades about the plight of refugees

  • Zorro– A novel which retells the story of the leg­endary hero.

Alexievich, Svetlana

Alyan, Hala

Amador, Trini

  • Gracianna – In the early 1940s, Gra­cianna Lasaga, a young girl from the moun­tains, sets her sights on reach­ing Amer­ica. How­ever, soon Gra­cianna is entan­gled in world War II and Nazi occu­pied Paris. A fictional biography of the author’s great-grandmother.

Ambrose, Stephen E.

  • Americans at War – A collection of fifteen essays from different American wars.

  • Citizen Soldiers – A non-fiction account of the US Army’s drive from Normandy to Germany June 7, 1944-May 7, 1945. Mr. Ambrose tells history from mud level using quotes and interviews from the men and women int he field.

America’s Test Kitchen

Amis, Kingsley

  • Colonel Sun by Robert Markham – The first novel featuring secret agent James Bond, 007, not written by Ian Fleming. Robert Markham is actually the pseudonym of Kingsley Amis.

Amirrezvani, Anita

  • Equal of the Sun – A fic­tional book tak­ing place in 16th Cen­tury Iran. The story blends a mix of his­tor­i­cal and fic­tional char­ac­ters to cre­ate an intrigu­ing novel about the life of Iran­ian princess Pari Khan Khanoom .

Anand, Anita

Anderson, Kevin J.

  • Captain Nemo – A novel expanding the background of the famous Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island

Andres, Alan

Anderson, Jodi Lynn

  • May Bird and the Ever After– A young adult (YA) novel about a lonely teen named May Bird who falls into the lake and finds her­self in the after world with ghouls, ghosts and mon­sters.

Anderson, Steve

  • The Kaspar Brothers Series

    • The Losing Role -A well researched historical fiction book which follows a failed German actor who is drafted to infiltrate American lines posing as an American officer to create havoc.

    • Liberated: A Novel of Germany – Takes place during the German occupation after World War II, following a German-American Captain.


  • Who Is Maud Dixon? – A novel following a small-town girl who got the chance to intern for one of the most famous authors in the world.

Andreyko, Marc

  • Batwoman Vol. 5: Webs (illustrated by Jeremy Haun and Trevor McCarthy) – A continuation of the story of Kate Kane, the new Batwoman who is not so much part of the Bat family.

  • Batwoman Vol: The Unknowns (Illustrated by Jeremy Haun) is the conclusion to the New 52 run of the Batwoman story. The Unknowns have a challenge in front of them, the evil witch Morgan Le Fay, destroyer of Camelot now hell bent on destroying Gotham

Angelou, Maya

Annechino, D.M.

Anzaldua, Theresa

Arens, Moshe

Arninge, Peppe

  • The Dump – A photo book with a series of haunt­ing images in black and white. The pho­tos are taken around Cambodia’s garbage dumps and evoke pow­er­ful feelings.

Arnold, Tedd

Arroyo, Ernest

Asimov, Isaac

  • Youth (Guest Review)– A science fiction story about two young boys on a farm who find and cap­ture strange ani­mals.

Aslesen, Ryan

  • War’s Edge: No Heroes – A science-fiction / military fiction novel about a future Marine recruits being sent to far off lands, and realizing the true cost of war, as well as the ugly truths behind them.

Asprey, Dave

Atkins, Ace

  • Devil’s Garden– Historical fiction novel about the Fatty Arbuckle case from the 1920’s.

  • Infamous – Just how did George Kelly became “Machine Gun” and his role in a high profile kidnapping.

  • The Ranger Series:

    • The Ranger – The first book in a new series introducing Army Range Quinn Colson coming home to investigate the murder of his uncle, the sheriff.

    • The Lost Ones – A novel tak­ing place in the fic­tional Tibbe­hah County, Mis­sis­sippi, the sec­ond book in “The Ranger” series.

    • The Broken Places – The third book in The Ranger series. Two convicts escape and enter Tibbe­hah County looking for Jamey Dixon, a former mate who knows where lots of money is hidden. Dixon though, has used the money to buy a pardon and start a new life working as a minister.

    • The Forsaken – The 4th book in The Ranger series, when white teenager is raped and killed in Tibbehah County, MI while her girlfriend manages to escape after being raped. A black man who wonders into town is blamed for the crime and lynched.

    • The Redeemers – The fifth book in The Ranger series, when Quinn Colson has lost the re-election for Sheriff to Rusty Wise, a local insurance salesman. At the time, a local businessman’s home has been robbed and the safe where he supposedly keeps a lot of cash in has been literally ripped out and stolen.

    • The Innocents – The sixth installment in The Ranger series. The series follows Quinn Colson, an Army Ranger who came back to his home in Mississippi and becomes the Sheriff. This story starts with Milly Jones who was found walking down the highway in Tebbehah County engulfed in flames and becomes a national story.

    • The Fallen – The seventh book in The Ranger series featuring Sheriff Quinn Colson, this time with a new love and a gang of vets bank robbers.

    • The Shamless – A novel in featuring Sheriff Quinn Colson, a former Army Ranger who has came back home to Tibbehah County, Mississippi and is now opening a 20 year old murder case.

    • Revelators – The tenth crime novel in The Ranger series, featuring ex-Army Ranger Queen Colson who was shot up and left for dead, but he’s not that easy to kill. Together with his wife, Maggie, and a stubborn personality Queen makes a slow, painful recovery and sets out to find who tried to kill him.

    • The Heathens – Sheriff Quinn Colson of Tibbehah County has a strange case on his hand. TJ Byrd, a teenage girl, insists she didn’t kill her mother and Colson believes her.

Atkins, Ann

Atkinson, Rick

Auslander, Shalom

  • Hope: A Tragedy — A fictional book with lots of Jew­ish themes and humor about a per­son who buys a house in New York and finds an elderly, pro­fane Anne Frank hid­ing in the attic.

Ausubel, Ramona

  • No One is Here Except All of Us — A fictional book tak­ing place dur­ing World War II following a small group of Jew­ish vil­lagers who lives in a town on a river bank.

Avidor, Gideon

Avineri, Shlomo

Ayers, Chirs

– B –

Bacevich, Andrew

Bach, David

Bachman, Randy

Backman, Fredrik

  • Anxious People (translated by Neil Smith) – A crime comedy about eight strangers in a hostage situation, taking place in a small Swedish town.

  • Beartown – A novel taking place in a small Swedish town who is trying to win a hockey tournament when a tragedy strikes.

  • Us Against You– The second novel which takes place in the fictional hockey township of Beartown

  • The Winners – The third novel in the Beartown trilogy. The novels take place in a small Swedish hockey town.

  • A Man Called Ove – A feel good story about an unlikeable Swedish man, a bit formulaic, but still cute and a good read.

Baird, Jon

Baites, Mina

  • The Silver Music Box (translated by Alison Layland) – A historical fiction novel which takes place during World War II, following an artifact passed down to the family.

Bajo, David

  • Panopticon – Three journalists go on a last assignment, discovering that they are unknowingly starring in a movie taken from hidden security cameras.

Baker, Peter

Ball, Bethany

Balson, Ronald H.

  • Karolina’s Twins – Together Lena and Karolina try to survive the Second World War and now Lena is trying to find Karolina’s daughters.

Ball, Edward

  • The Inventor and the Tycoon – A non-fiction book about two pio­neers, railroad tycoon Leland Stan­ford and motion pictures (and murderer) pioneer Ead­weard Muy­bridges.

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn

Bartov, Omer

Bar Yosef, Uri

Bar-Zohar, Michael

  • The Mossad: Great Operations (with Nissim Mishal)-A non-fiction book by Israeli jour­nal­ists recounting some of the great suc­cesses and fail­ures of the secret Israeli agency.

Baram, Nir

  • Good People – A fictional novel about taking place in Germany and Russia during World War II. Thomas Heiselberg is a market researcher working in Berlin, 1938 helping build “models” of the conquered areas to help with displacement. Sasha Weissberg, a Communist Jew in Leningrad, decides that the best chance she has to save her parents and find her brothers is to work with the secret police, committing atrocities and helping write confessions.

Barbery, Muriel

  • The Elegance of the Hedgehog — A fic­tional story set in Paris, France. The book dis­cusses phi­los­o­phy, cul­ture, the class sys­tem and more.

Barkan, Josh

  • Mexico: Stories – A collection of fictional short stories, all taking place in Mexico. The collection was awarded runner up for the Juniper Prize for Fiction, 2014, and runner up for the Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction, 2014.

Bartlett, Allison Hoover

Barrett ,Duncan

Barron, James

Barry, Sebastian

  • The Temporary Gentleman – the lit­er­ary mus­ings of an ordi­nary Irishman and his demons, a gam­bler and in the habits of mak­ing bad deci­sions when it comes to his fam­ily and finance.

Battalion, Judy

Batty, Dane

Baum, Frank L.

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Dorothy and her companions journey to find what they always have. Darker, more exciting and better than the movie.

  • The Marvelous Land of Oz – The sec­ond story in set in the fic­tional land of Oz, the book how­ever is not about Dorothy but about a boy named Tip.

  • Ozma of Oz – The third story in the Oz series, finds Dorothy and her friends trying to save the royal family of the Land of Ev.

Bazzell, Michael

Beagle, Peter S.

  • The Last Unicorn – A classic fantasy novel following a unicorn who believes she’s the last of her kind

Bearce, Stephanie

Beck, Noah

  • The Last Israelis – A novel happening mostly on an Israeli nuclear submarine who gets cut off during an attack on Israel by Iran.

Becker, Jean

Belfer, Lauren

  • A Fierce Radiance – A his­tor­i­cal fic­tion book about the search for peni­cillin. The push came dur­ing World War II when the need for this mir­a­cle drug became as impor­tant as any weapon.

Bendis, Brian Michael

Benn, James R.

  • Billy Boyle: A World War II Mystery – First book in a series about a Boston police officer in WWII England.

  • The First Wave – second book in the fictional Billy Boyle series set WWII era. This time the former Boston cop discovers a drug smuggling ring involving many high ranking Vichy officials.

  • A Blind Goddess – Ex-Boston cop, now an World War II Army officer Billy Boyle finds him­self answer­ing a per­sonal request from his old friend Sergeant Eugene “Tree” Jack­son who is now part of the all-African Amer­i­can 617th Tank Destroy­ers. Tree’s gun­ner, ”Angry Smith” has been arrested for mur­der and is headed for the gallows.

Bennett, Alexander

Bennett, Marguerite

  • Bombshells, Vol. 1: Enlisted (illustrated by Marguerite Sauvage, Ming Doyle, Laura Braga, Maria Laura Sanapo, Marc Deering, Stephen Mooney, Ted Naifeh, Garry Brown, Mirka Andolfo, Bilquis Evely, and Sandy Jarrell) – A graphic novel from DC Comics imagining the DC Super heroines as World War II era champions.

  • Bombshells, Vol. 2: Allies (illustrated by Marguerite Sauvage, Laura Braga, Mirka Andolfo, Sandy Jarrell, and Maria Laura Sanapo) – The second, and last volume of this story which finds the DC Comics heroines fighting across the globe, while protecting the home front

Bennett, Robert Jackson

  • Foundryside (Founders #1) – A fantasy novel taking place in Tevanne is a city that runs on industrialized magic, a system to spells that can overwrite reality. Sancia is the only human, as far as she knows, that can hear these magical objects.

  • Shorefall (Founders #2) – The second book in the Founders fantasy series following Sancia, an ex –slave and thief, who can “talk” to scrived objects as an experimental scrived human. Orso, an genius scriver who worked for a big merchant house, and Gregor, a soldier who is about to learn his destiny

  • Locklands  (Founders #3) – The third, and final, installment in science fiction/fantasy series The Founders Trilogy

  • In the Shadows of Men – A novella taking place in a west Texas motel that is being renovated by two brothers, when strange things start to happen.

Benioff, David

  • City of Thieves – A won­der­ful book, con­tain­ing engag­ing char­ac­ters, great story pep­pered with dark humor all across the pages. The blend of fact and fic­tion in this sur­vival story lends itself to a mix of seri­ous­ness and hilar­ity which the author does a great job putting together.

Benjamin, Chloe


Bennett, R. William

  • Jacob T. Marley – A fictional book which fol­lows the life and after-life of its title char­ac­ter, Scrooge’s boss from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Berenson, Alex

  • The Faithful Spy– A novel fol­low­ing John Wells, a CIA asset in al Qaeda who became a Muslim during his service and is now trying to stop the next terrorist bombing while dealing with mistrust, spies and a changing world.

  • Lost in Kandahar– A short book about the time the author spent with US troops in Afghanistan. Published as a Kindle Sin­gle.

  • The Night Ranger– The seventh book in the fictional series satrring John Welles. This time Welles trav­els to East Africa, as a personal favor, to track four kidnaped Amer­i­cans.

  • The Power Couple – A novel following an FBI agent and her husband, an NSA hacker whose daughter was kidnapped on a European vacation.

Bergmann, Emanuel

  • The Trick – A novel, originally published in German, which brings together a Holocaust survivor and an American Jewish kid.

Bernstein, Arnie

Berry, Steve

  • The Balkan Escape: A Cas­siopeia Vitt Adven­ture – A short eBook orig­i­nal novel featuring Cotton Malone’s girlfriend in a pre­cur­sor to the book “The Emperor’s Tomb”.

  • The Devil’s Gold – A short fic­tional eBook orig­i­nal which fol­lows one of the char­ac­ters in Mr. Berry’s books on a short adventure.

  • The Jefferson Key – the sev­enth book in the fic­tional series fea­tur­ing Cot­ton Mal­one, the story takes place in the United States involving modern day pirates.

  • The Lost Order – The 12th novel featuring Cotton Malone who is asked by the Justice Department to investigate the largest and most dangerous clandestine organization in American history

Berger, W.K.

  • The Purples – A (mostly) fictional story told through the eyes of real life Jewish mobster Joe Bernstein. Joe is the head of the “Purple Gang” who ran booze across the Detroit River from Canada during the Prohibition era.

Bird, Kai

Bishop, Patrick

  • The Hunt for Hitler’s Warship– A non-fiction book about the attempts of the allies to sink the Ger­man bat­tle­ship Tir­pitz dur­ing World War II.

Blædel, Sara

  • Call Me Princess – A crime fic­tion book tak­ing place in Den­mark. This is the first book trans­lated by this suc­cess­ful and pop­u­lar Scan­di­na­vian author.

  • Farewell to Freedom – A fic­tional book in a series fea­tur­ing Copen­hagen detec­tive Louise Rick and her friend Camilla Lind, a reporter. This is the third novel trans­lated to Eng­lish writ­ten by the best sell­ing Dan­ish author.

  • Only One Life – An intelligent mys­tery set in Den­mark which brings up questions, such as honor killing, using murder as a device. This is the sec­ond book trans­lated into Eng­lish in the series fea­tur­ing Detec­tive Louise Rick.

Black, Derek W.

Blackman, W. Haden

Blake, Michael F.

Blake, Russell

  • Jet – The first book in a series about a former Israeli Mossad assassin.

Blau, Jessica Anya

Blincoe, Nicholas

Block Lawrence

  • Collectibles – A short story collection dealing with collectors, sometimes strange, sometimes run of the mill

Block, Stefan Merill

  • The Storm at the Door– A fic­tional book inspired by the author’s grand­par­ents. Mr. Block, while research­ing his grand­par­ents, imag­ined a world around them.

Bly, Nellie

  • Ten Days in a Mad-House – A first person account of the author who put herself in an insane asylum as part of her investigation for a newspaper.

Bob, Yonah Jeremy

Bonaparte, Napoleon

  • Clisson and Eugénie – A roman­tic novella writ­ten by Napoleon Bona­parte, yes, that Napoleon Bona­parte.

Bone, Eugenia


Borneman, Walter R.

Bornstein, Adam

Borrowman, Jerry

Bowden, Mark

  • Black Hawk Down – A non-fiction book which fol­lows the events of the bat­tle which occurred in Mogadishu, Soma­lia on 3–4 Octo­ber, 1993.

Boyd, William

  • Ordinary Thunderstorms – A fic­tional book with many themes taking place in Lon­don and fol­lows a man whose life turned upside down.

Brackin, Ron

Brands, H.W.

Brandes, Yochi

  • Melachim Gim­mel (Kings III) – A bib­li­cal fic­tion book which, pre­sump­tu­ously enough, is a con­tin­u­a­tion of the bib­li­cal books of Kings I and Kings I.

Braude, Joseph

  • The Honored Dead– A non­fic­tion book about the author’s expe­ri­ence being embed­ded with a Moroc­can secu­rity squad

Britt, Ryan

Brokaw, Tom

  • The Greatest Generation – A non-fiction book which the author col­lects sto­ries from indi­vid­ual Amer­i­cans of the World War II gen­er­a­tion.

Brontë, Charlotte

  • Jane Eyre – The classic 1847 novel published as “Jane Eyre. An Autobiography” under the nom de plume of “Currer Bell”. The novel is told in first person narrative and goes through five distinct stages in Jane’s life.

Broughton, Philip Delves

  • The Art of the Sale – non-fiction book in which the author shares sto­ries and the­o­ries about what makes a sales­per­son.

Brown, Daniel James

Brown, Laurence B.

  • The Eighth Scroll – A fictional book which draws on the Judaism, Chris­tian­ity and Islam fea­tur­ing reli­gious relics.

Brubaker, Ed

Bruning, John

  • Outlaw Platoon (with Sean Parnell) – A non-fiction book about Mr. Parnell’s expe­ri­ence as a pla­toon leader (nick­named Out­law Pla­toon) for the U.S. Army Air­borne Ranger in Afghanistan.

Bryson, Bill

Buccellato, Brian

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four Vol. 1 – A graphic novel which brings the familiar DC Comics superheroes against the Greek gods who have decided that Superman is not worth to rule Earth, and are making a bid for our planet. Zeus brings the Amazonian Army trapping Wonder Woman in the middle of this mass.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four Vol. 2 by Brian Buccellato – A graphic novel which ends the story-line Superman has been ruling humanity for four years now, with an iron fist. The gods of Olympus have been trying to overthrow Superman, and even though they ended his tyrannical rule, their regime is not any better.

Buettner, Dan

Bulgakov, Mikhail

  • The Master and Margarita A Russian novel, published in the 1940s and is considered a classic of satire Russian literature, telling of the time Satan came to Moscow, and a retelling of the story of Jesus.

Bumpus, Carole

Burke, Alafair

  • If You Were Here – Jour­nal­ist McKenna Wright is writ­ing a fluff piece when she thinks she saw an old friend who dis­ap­peared ten years ago with­out a trace.

Burlingame, Jon

  • The Music of James Bond – A non-fiction book about the sound­tracks of one of the most suc­cess­ful film fran­chises in the world.

Burnam, Chris

Burns, Ken

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

  • A Princess of Mars – An imaginative scene-ficiton talepub­lished in 1912. This is Bur­roughs first pub­lished book and stars John Carter.

  • Tarzan

    • Tarzan of the Apes – The classic story which began it all, a stranded boy of an English lord in Africa is raised by mighty apes.

    • The Return of Tarzan – The ape man is recov­er­ing from his sac­ri­fice at mar­riage to Jane Porter and goes to visit Paul d’Arnot in France. On the ship Tarzan becomes involved in the affairs of Count­ess Olga de Coude and her hus­band, Count Raoul de Coude while two peo­ple try to prey on them.

    • Jungle Tales of Tarzan – A col­lec­tion of 12 short sto­ries which tell of the adven­tures of Tarzan before he met any white peo­ple.

    • The Son of Tarzan – Even though Niko­las Rokoff, Tarzan’s enemy from pre­vi­ous books, died, his hench­man Alexis Paul­vitch is very much alive and wants to even the score. Rokoff lures the son of Tarzan & Jane, Jack, away from Lon­don but the resource­ful young man escapes with the help of Akut the ape./h4>

    • Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar – Tarzan returns to Opar to enrich him­self from their stock­piles. But Tarzan isn’t the only greedy human in the jun­gle, Albert Wer­per, a Bel­gian army offi­cer is also there, secretly fol­low­ing Tarzan./h4>

    • Tarzan the Untamed – The sev­enth novel in the series, this one takes place during World War I, while Tarzan is away from his plan­ta­tion it is destroyed by invad­ing Ger­man troops. When he returns to the plan­ta­tion (in British East Africa), Tarzan dis­cov­ers many bod­ies one of whom belongs to his wife.

Burton, Fred

Busch, Colleen Morton

  • Fire Monks – The non-fiction account of the 2008 Cal­i­for­nia fire which almost destroyed the Tas­sa­jara Zen Moun­tain Cen­ter.

Bushkin, Henry

  • A Hard Act to Follow – A mem­oir by Johnny Carson’s friend, long­time money-manager about their rela­tion­ship. This is a very per­sonal book told in a very per­sonal way and sheds some light, for out­siders like me, on the whole enter­tain­ment industry.

Byrd, Max

  • Pont Neuf – A historical fiction story following two female reports during World War II. Annie March arrives in France, 1944 after D-Day, her mentor is Martha Gellhorn, an ace reporter, editor, who is in a troubled marriage to writer Ernest Hemingway. Annie gets to know several soldiers and takes on photography to tell her story.

Byrne, Garbriel

– C –

Cabasson, Armand

  • Wolf Hunt – A historical fiction mystery taking place dur­ing the Napoleonic wars while the Aus­tri­ans and the French bat­tle over some small vil­lages by the Danube. The mys­tery takes sec­ond place to the author’s impres­sive research of the time, whether it would be bat­tle­field tac­tics or a Vien­nese ball.

  • Memory of Flames – The novel cen­ters on Mar­gont being a dou­ble agent sent by Joseph to infil­trate a group try­ing to restore the monar­chy to France. The dou­ble agent sce­nario allows the author to show more of the dis­ar­ray which Paris is in fol­low­ing its occu­pa­tion and allows the author to travel around the town at night, help­ing the con­spir­acy story-line.

Callif, Lisa A. and Donaldson, Michael C

  • Legal Guide to Independent Filmmaking – A guide to help an individual sift through the mountains of legal forms in order to produce an independent film. The book includes a CD-ROM with the forms in MS-Word format.

Calvi, Nuala

Cameron, Michelle

  • Babylon: A Novel of Jewish Captivity – A generational novel following the plight of a Judean family’s exile to Babylon following the defeat of the Jews in the Jewish-Babylonian War

Camus, Albert

  • The Stranger – A short novel about a man pondering, and finding, the value of life

Carroll, Shiloh

Carse, James P.

  • PhDeath: The Puzzler Murders – A fictional mystery taking place at a university in New York. Mr. Carse is a university professor himself.

Cather, Willa

  • O Pioneers! – Writ­ten in 1913 and is con­sid­ered the first novel of the Great Plains tril­ogy. Following the Bergsons who immi­grated from Switzer­land to Hanover, Nebraska at the turn of the 20th Cen­tury.

  • My Ántonia – A 1918 novel which is con­sid­ered the last in the “Prairie Tril­ogy” fol­low­ing O Pio­neers! and The Song of the Lark. This book is con­sid­ered one of the great­est nov­els writ­ten by an American.

Cash, Wiley

  • A Land More Kind than Home – A novel about a small town. One day Christo­pher, also known as Stump, sees some­thing he’s not sup­posed to and the con­se­quences are enormous. Jess, Ade­laide Lyle, the town’s mid­wife, and Clem Bare­field, the sher­iff, all nar­rate the story with their own unique per­spec­tive and painful history.

  • The Last Ballad – A novel taking place in 1929 North Carolina, during a strike at a textile mill. The novel was named Best Book of 2017 by the Chicago Public Library.

Castro, V.

Cervantes, Miguel (Edith Grossman – Translator)

  • Don Quixote– The timeless classic told through engrossing translation. Funny and poignant.

Chabon, Michael

  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – Pulitzer Prize winning novel about two Jewish cousins during the golden age of comics (and then some).

  • Gentlemen of the Road: A Tale of Adventure – A story of adven­tures which takes an odd pair of men tak­ing place some­time in the 10th Cen­tury when the two part­ners are col­lect­ing the money from a con they just pulled (a fake fight between the meek Frank with his nee­dle and the huge ax wield­ing ex-solider) when they encounter a young man who claims to be the heir to the throne of the Jew­ish king­dom of Khazria, usurped by his bru­tal uncle.

  • Telegraph Avenue – This literary fiction book about a record store in Oakland is filled with pop-culture references, blackspoltation and kung fu.

  • The Yiddish Policemen’s Union – An award winning fic­tional alter­nate his­tory book. Israel lost the 1948 war, the Jews were dri­ven into the sea and Roosevelt’s pro­posal of estab­lish­ing a Jew­ish state in Alaska passed.

Chamberlin, J. Edward

Chang, Jade

Chang, Janie

  • Three Souls – A novel taking place inn China, 1935, Leiyin watches her own funeral and wanders why she has not been permitted to the afterlife, soon she discovers that she is not alone; three souls are there to guide her along the way until she make amends. But first she has to find out what she has to make amends for.

Chapman, James

Charbonnet, Gabrielle

  • Sundays at Tiffany’s (with James Patterson)- A romance about a poor little rich girl has an imaginary friend as a young girl and later gets reunited with him.

Charles, Janet Skeslien

  • The Paris Library – A novel following a young librarian working in the American Library in Paris during World War II.

Charlier, Marj

  • The Rebel Nun – A historical fiction story, centered on Clotild who led nuns in a rebellion against the patriarchy of the church.

Chernow, Ron

  • Alexander Hamilton – An excellent though massive biography of a Founding Father

  • Washington: A Life – This marvelous book breaks the wooden image of Washington and brings out the character of the man we all learned about with all his charm and personality.

Cherny, Andrei

Chevalier, Tracy

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring – A young woman named Griet arrives at Vermeer’s house, in 17th Cen­tury Hol­land, to be a new ser­vant. She had some tragedy in her fam­ily and so ended up a maid. As she gets to be part of the fam­ily, Ver­meer allows her to help him, due to her artis­tic eye.

Chirac, Jacques

Chivers, C.J.

  • The Fighters – A non-fiction book offering unnerving accounts of soldiers on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan

Chopin, Amanda

  • The Orchardist – A novel tak­ing place in Wash­ing­ton State at the early part of the 20th Cen­tury about an orchardist who takes in two pregnant and abused teenagers.

Chowdhury, Ajay

Chu, Wesley

  • The War Arts Saga

    • The Art of Prophecy – An epic fantasy taking place in China, following a prophesied hero who doesn’t live up to expectations

    • The Art of Destiny– The second book in the War Arts Saga, following a prophesied hero, who’s anything but

Ciponte, Andrea Grosso

Clarke, Susanna

Cleave, Chris

  • Little Bee – When a Nigerian teenager finds hereself as an illegal alien in England, she goes to seek out the only people she knows.

Cleese, John

  • Professor at Large: The Cornell Years – A non-fiction book consisting of seven parts, from lectures, to conversations, to transcripts of seminars. Each one intellectually stimulating, intelligent, and thoughtful.

Clinch, Jon

  • The Thief of Auschwitz – A fic­tional book telling of a family’s strug­gle to sur­vive during World War II in the infamous concentration camp.


  • Ghost World– A graphic novel about two teenage women facing an uncertain, and unwelcome, future

Coburn, Royn, L.

Cohane, Ondine

Coll, Steve

  • Private Empire– A non-fiction book about the influ­ence Exxon­Mo­bil yields over world econ­omy and pol­i­tics.

Collins, Ace

Collins, Bridget

  • The Binding – A novel taking place sometime in the past, where people can bind their memories in a book, freeing them of remembering.

Collins Eileen M.

Collins, Suzanne

  • The Hunger Games– A dystopian novel writ­ten for young adults (YA) that has struck chords with par­ents as well and has been a best seller since it came out.

  • Catching Fire – The sec­ond novel in The Hunger Games Tril­ogy. The story con­tin­ues with the events of the first novel, fol­low­ing Kat­niss Everdeen’s overly excit­ing life.

Collins, Wilkie

  • The Woman in White – Published as a newspaper serial in 1859. In 1860 a collected edition of the chapters was published in book form. Even though this is a Victorian novel, it is still gripping, engaging and a page turner

Conan Doyle, Arthur

  • A Study in Scarlet – The first novel fea­tur­ing Eng­lish detec­tive Sher­lock Holmes and his friend Dr. Wat­son, writ­ten in 1886 and pub­lished in 1887 and marks the first appear­ance of the famous sleuth.

Conner, Amanda

Connolly, John

  • The Gates– A hilarious story about a small kid and his dog saving the world from hell’s minions.

Conrad, Hy

  • Rally ‘Round the Corpse – A mystery novel about a murder/mystery game which Soon after it begun, the eccen­tric cre­ator mys­te­ri­ously dies. The game becomes real when one of the guests die and the tour guide real­izes that the mys­tery is actu­ally based on a real-life unsolved crime.

Constable, Benjamin

  • Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa – Tomomi “But­ter­fly” Ishikawa com­mit­ted sui­cide but left her best friend, Ben­jamin Con­sta­ble, a trail of clues which lead him from Paris to New York and back – the cities she called “home”.

Constner, Kevin

  • The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala (with Jon Baird) – A novel book taking place around the world during World War I about secret group of adventurers focused on finding mysteries around the world which are beyond what mortal men know or comprehend. The book is written in narrative, as well as comic strips and maps peppered throughout.

Cook, Elizabeth

  • Lux – Part a retelling of Books 1 and 2 Samuel in the Hebrew Bible, the story of King David, and how it applied to King Henry VIII, as well as the poet Thomas Wyatt.

Cooney, Kara

The Good Kings: Absolute Power in Ancient Egypt and the Modern World – Compares the ruling styles of ancient Pharaohs to today’s tactics of the ruling class

Coras­anti, Michelle Cohen

  • The Almond Tree – Ich­mad Hamid was born in a small Pales­ti­nine vil­lage, but soon impresses those who know him with his sharp mind. A pro-Palestinian novel.

Corera, Gordon

Cornell, Paul

  • Wolverine Vol. 2: Killable (illustrated by Alan Davis and Mirco Pierfederici) – A graphic novel which finds our anti-hero powerless.

Cornwell, Bernard

  • Death of Kings – It’s 899 and Alfred the Great is dying, he sum­mons Uhtred of Beb­ban­burg, his best war­rior who is under con­stant death threats and finan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties. Uhtred does not dis­ap­point the king and swears alle­giance to his son Edward so he could help him defend the king­dom from the Danes, in return of a rich estate.

Correa, Armando Lucas

  • The German Girl – A novel taking place during World War II and around 2011.

Coulson, Danny O.

Courtnage, Lee (with Earl Haney)

  • Mission to Mach 2 – Mr. Haney’s mem­oir about his mil­i­tary career which focuses on Haney’s fas­ci­nat­ing Air-Force career.

Couvee, Petra

Cox, John T.

  • Hitler’s Ashes – a fic­tional book in a pop­u­lar genre known as “what if” or alternative history, this one examines what might have happend if Hitler’s assassination was successful.

Craft, Byron

Crais, Robert

  • The Sentry -A fictional story involving tough-guy mercenary Joe Pike and his friend private investigator Elvis Cole. Part of a series.

Craney, Glen

Crawford, Lacy

  • Early Decision – A fic­tional book about the pres­sures on the chil­dren of the elites to enter the col­lage of their, or their par­ents, choice. Ms. Craw­ford was an “inde­pen­dent col­lege admis­sions coun­selor” to the upper class and this book is based on her experiences.

Craughwell, Thomas J.

Cribb, John

The Rail Splitter – A historical fiction story of a young Abraham Lincoln

Croutier, Aley Lytle

Crudgington, Marc

Crupain, Dr. Michael

Cumming, Charles

  • The Trinity Six -A fictional spy thriller focusing on the theory that the Cambridge Five (a ring of English Trinity College students who were spies for Russia) had a sixth member.

Cummins, Jeanine

  • American Dirt – Tells of a mother and son, in danger of being murdered by a Mexican drug cartel, trying to make it to the United States.

– D –

Daisley, Bruce

Dang, Phong Thong

Danko, William D.

  • The Millionaire Next Door (with Thomas J. Stanley) – A non-fiction book in which the authors debunk the idea of what an “American Millionaire” is. The authors did studies for corporations about targeting millionaires and they came up with some fascinating finds.

D’Antonio, Michael

Danziger, Dennis

  • A Short History of a Tall Jew – A not-so-short fic­tional book fol­low­ing a man search­ing for his sec­ond wife. A very funny book with a heart.

Danziger, Paula

Darnton, Nina

  • An African Affair – A novel which tells of the experiences of a white American journalist in Nigeria.

Davenport, Matt

Time Loopers: Four Tales from a Time War (with David Hambling, Byron Craft, and John Delaughter) – A science fiction book of five interconnecting short stories

David, Leonard

  • Moon Rush: The New Space Race – Talks about the history of man getting to the moon and suggests a path forward to the satellite which we, for all intents and purposes, abandoned.

Davis, Deborah

Davis, Wes

Davidson, Martin

  • The Perfect Nazi – A non-fiction book which fol­lows the authors research about his grand­fa­ther, an SS offi­cer.

Davidson, Jim

Dawson, Mark

  • The Cleaner – A novel following John Milton, an government assassin trying to make amends.

Dazai, Osamu

  • Schoolgirl – A short fic­tional story which started the authors career. A Japanese classic.

Dean, Debra

  • The Mirrored World – A fictional account of the Russian St. Xenia told through the eyes of her cousin during the late 18th – early 19th Century in St. Petersburg.

De Kerangal, Maylis

  • The Cook (translated by Sam Taylor) – A fictional biography of Mauro, a young man who dreams of working as a cook.

Delaughter, John

Time Loopers: Four Tales from a Time War (with David Hambling, Byron Craft, and Matt Davenport) – A science fiction book of five interconnecting short stories

De Luca,Erri

  • Me, You – A fic­tional com­ing of age story of a boy at the end of World War II. The book was pre­vi­ously released as Sea of Mem­ory.

De Robetis, Carolina

De Shalit, Jonathan

  • A Spy in Exile – A novel about an Israeli intelligence squad working in Europe.

DeFede, Jim

Della Croce, Julia

Denyes, Charles

Deutsch, Stephen

Devos, Ed

  • Family of Warriors by Ed Devos – A story of five brothers, combat soldiers during World War II.

Dezenhall, Eric

Dezember, Ryan

Underwater: How Our American Dream of Homeownership Became a Nightmare – A non-fiction book that the author wrote after making it through the 2008 housing crisis.

Diamond, Jason

Dick, Philip K.

Diggle, Andy

  • James Bond: Hammerhead with Luca Casalanguida (Artist) – a graphic novel compiling the six issues in the storyline

  • James Bond: Kill Chain (art by Luca Casalanguida) – A graphic novel featuring James Bond who is trying to find out who is assassinating allied agents, and James Bond is next on their list. The old alliances are collapsing which pits MI6 against the CIA.

Dicarlo, Mario

DiNcolo, Gina Maria

Divya, S. B.

  • Machinehood – A science-fiction story about the way legal drugs, artificial intelligence, and big corporations can inherit the future.

Doherty, Kevin

  • The Leonardo Gulag – A novel which tells of a young Russian artist, who has been arrested by the Stalin regime and put in a gulag, forced to create art forgeries.

Donaldson, Michael C and Callif, Lisa A.

  • Legal Guide to Independent Filmmaking – A guide to help an individual sift through the mountains of legal forms in order to produce an independent film. The book includes a CD-ROM with the forms in MS-Word format.

Donohue, John “Chickie”

Doescher, Ian

Donoghue, Emma

  • Room– A fictional award winning book with a disturbing premise. The book tells of Ma, who has been kidnapped and locked in a room for seven years by “Old Nick”. Ma and Old Nick have a son, Jack who is also lives in the room without being able to leave.

Donohue, Keith

  • Centuries of June– A fictional story about a man who meets his scorned wives/lovers from past lives, all of whom were unlucky in life and they blame him

Downing, David

  • Masaryk Station– John Rus­sell is an Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist/spy liv­ing in Berlin after World War II, is plan­ning one final job which will cement the finan­cial secu­rity and well being of his fam­ily before he retires.

Doucette, Gene

  • The Apocalypse Seven – Tells of seven people wake up one morning and slowly realize the rest of humanity has simply vanished.

Dragomán, György

Drazin, Israel

Duncan, David S

Druyan, Ann

  • Cosmos: Possible Worlds – A sequel to Carl Sagan’s classic, and a companion book to the celebrated television series, consisting of 13 chapters, all are separated subjects and need not to be read in order.

Duffy, Peter

Duncan, Glen

  • The Last Werewolf(Guest Review)– A work of paranormal fiction which asks: If one embraces the bes­tial part of one’s nature, does human moral­ity cease to be rel­e­vant?

Dumas, Alexandre

  • The d’Artagnan Romance

    • The Three Musketeers– France, 1625 – a young poor noble­man named d’Artagnan leaves his Gas­cony home to the bright lights of Paris with inten­tions of becom­ing Mus­ke­teer of the Guard.

    • The Count of Monte Cristo– One of the most pop­u­lar nov­els of this pro­lific author. Young Edmond Dante, a sailor, has almost been named cap­tain of a ship and is in prepa­ra­tions of mar­ry­ing his sweet­heart. But Dante becomes the vic­tim of a sin­is­ter plot which leads to false impris­on­ment in an island fortress. After sev­eral years, and with the help of a friend, Dante man­ages to escape the prison and plots his revenge.

    • Twenty Years After– The son of “Milady”, the two-faced Mazarin smug­gle the young king and his mother from Paris which is becom­ing hos­tile to the crown.

Dueñas, Maria

  • The Time in Between– A novel following the life of a Spanish woman’s journey from her humble beginnings as a poor seamstress, to an English spy during World War II.

  • The Vineyard – A fictional book set in the mid 18th Century in Mexico, Cuba, and Spain about a man who lost everything and has one last shot at getting his fortune back.

Duffy, Michael

Dugard, Martin

Duke, Bill

Duncan, Dayton

– E –

El-Hai, Jack

El-Mohtar, Amal

Eastland, Sam

  • Eye of the Red Tsar – when the Tsar’s personal investigator is freed and asked to investigate the Romanov’s murder you know things will get interesting. The first of the Inspector Pekkala novels.

Edghill, India

Edelman, Ric

Eggers, Dave

  • The Circle – The first book in The Circle series in which the world’s most powerful internet company is working towards connecting the whole world, no secrets allowed

Eisner, Peter

Ellis, Joseph J.

Ellis, Warren

  • James Bond: Vargr by (with Jason Masters) – A graphic novel about the famous MI6 agent who returns to London from a vengeance mission in Helsinki and resumes the boring duties of the 00 section. Soon enough he gets a new mission, this time in Berlin to break a drug trafficking cartel.

Eliot, Marc

  • American Rebel: The Life of Clint Eastwood – A biography of one of America’s most enduring entertainers.

  • Michael Dou­glas – One of the few second-generation kids to grow up and become a movie star, Michael Dou­glas has man­aged to emerge from the long shadow of his father. The strug­gle to become his own man in an unfor­giv­ing envi­ron­ment is only a part of this biography.

Elmer, Robert

  • Wildflowers of Terezin – A his­tor­i­cal fic­tion book tak­ing place in Den­mark dur­ing World War II. The book is well researched and an enthralling read.

Elwes, Cary

Engel, Howard

England, Stephen

  • Pandora’s Grave – a fic­tional counter-terrorism book set mostly in the US and Mid­dle East, a fast thrill ride.

  • Day of Reckoning – The second installment of the “Shadow Warriors” series, this time Harry Nichols goes after the assassins of CIA Director, only to stumble on to a much bigger conspiracy.

Englander, Nathan

Enzmann , E.V.

  • Siberian Prison – a nonfic­tion eyewitness account of the author’s expe­ri­ence in the Aus­trian Army and as a Russ­ian pris­oner of war.

Epstein, Dwayne

Erman, Esther

  • Rebecca of Salerno – The story of Ivanhoe’s Rebecca of York, who left England to Italy and became a medical doctor.

Eteraz, Ali

  • Native Believer – A novel about a secular Muslim living in today’s America

Everitt, Anthony

– F –

Falcones, Ildefonso

  • Cathedral of the Sea – A fictional book taking place in 1300s Spain, the novel follows Arnau Estanyol, the son of a fugitive serf who obtains freedom and eventually achieves a high status in medieval Barcelona..

Fallada, Hans

  • Alone in Berlin – A fic­tional 1947 book describ­ing the life in Ger­many under the Third Reich. The book’s title in the US is Every Man Dies Alone.

Farrell, Chris

Fauci, Anthony

Fawcett, Bill

  • How to Lose a War at Sea – A fas­ci­nat­ing col­lec­tion of more than 30 short essays about naval war­fare and oceanic dis­as­ters. The book spans decades, there are essays rang­ing from the days of the Span­ish armada to naval blun­ders from the 1960s.

Feist, John W.

  • Night Rain, Tokyo – An international thriller taking place in the United States and Japan. Brad Oaks, an executive of Elgar Steel and close family friend of the Elgar family has managed to come up with a way to get the company and bureaucrats on board for the Wishbone Pipeline, a project which will save the company.

Fein, Louise

  • Daughter of the Reich– A novel about the daughter of a high ranking Nazi officer who falls in love with a Jewish boy.

Ferencik, Erica

  • Into the Jungle – A novel taking place in the jungles of Bolivia, where an American woman finds herself with her Bolivian husband who went back to his village.

Fesperman, Dan

  • The Arms Maker of Berlin– A novel tak­ing place in present time, as well as in Nazi Germany’s Berlin. The books mixes espi­onage and sus­pense while telling par­al­lel stories.

Feldman, Ellen

  • Next to Love – A fic­tional book which fol­lows three child­hood friends before, dur­ing and after World War II.

Felton, Mark

Field, Matthew

Finn, Peter

Fisher, David

Fishman, Charles

Fishman, J.E.

  • Primacy – A fic­tional book which tries to ask questions about animal testing and what would happen if a chimp decided to start talking. Not what you expect.

Fisher-Alaniz, Karen

Fitz-Enz, David

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Fleming, Ian

  • Live and Let Die – The sec­ond novel fea­tur­ing Secret Ser­vice agent James Bond 007. Gold coins are appear­ing in Amer­ica; the gov­ern­ment thinks Soviet agents are using them to fur­ther their nefar­i­ous cause helped by Mr. Big, a noto­ri­ous crime lord, uses voodoo as part of an elab­o­rate plan to con­trol his crime car­tel.

  • Diamonds are Forever – The fourth novel in the series in which James Bond is assigned an undercover investigation of a diamond smuggling operation from Sierra Leone to the United States.

  • From Russia With Love – The fifth novel in the series telling of how the Soviet counterintelligence agency, SMERSH, plans to target James Bond for assassination (due to his role taking down Le Chiffre, Mr. Big and Hugo Drax). Just killing Bond is not enough, SMERSH plans a major sex scandal as well to sully the reputation of the agent and the agency.

  • Dr. No – The sixth novel in a series featuring James Bond, 007. Commander John Strangways, head of MI6 in Kingston, Jamaica has mysteriously disappeared and M sends James Bond to investigate. Bond knows that Strangways has been investigating a Chinese-German living on Crab Key island named Dr. Julius No.

  • Goldfinger – The seventh novel featuring James Bond, 007, agent of MI6, the British Secret Service. Bond discovers Goldfinger’s dealings with smuggled gold and, of course, other misdeeds. He meets Oddjob, a henchman for Goldfinger, and manages to entrench himself in Goldfinger’s get rich quick scheme.

  • For Your Eyes Only – The eight book in a series featuring British secret agent James Bond, 007 is a collection of short stories, ranging from “Excellent” to “just OK”.

  • Thunderball – the ninth James Bond novel, is the first of the “Blofeld Tril­ogy” follows the secret agent to a health clinic due to poor health where he discovers a sinister plot to hijack two nuclear bombs.

  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – A top notch James Bond thriller is the sec­ond of what has become the “Blofeld Tril­ogy”, pre­ceded by Thun­der­ball and con­cluded with You Only Live Twice (The Spy Who Loved Me was writ­ten in between but is not included in the trilogy).

  • The Spy Who Loved Me – The tenth novel featuring English spy James Bond, 007. The book was released in 1962 even though it was written earlier and is told from the point of view of Vivienne Michel, a French-Canadian woman who comes back home after five years in London and has a dangerous encounter with mobsters in a lone motel.

  • You Only Live Twice – The 11th novel featuring the famous British agent James Bond, 007 as a broken man, let his life and work slide but gets a last-chance to redeem his downward spiraling career by being assigned a diplomatic task.

  • The Man with the Golden Gun – This is a mildly entertaining novel, an escape to the Bond universe if you desire, or for the completists who want to read them all.

  • Octopussy and The Living Daylights – The last novel published by Ian Fleming, consisting of four short stories about James Bond, 007.

Fleming, Thomas

  • 1776 Year of Illusions – A non-fiction book focusing on the mil­i­tary cam­paigns of 1776, how­ever the fas­ci­nat­ing polit­i­cal devel­op­ments in Philadel­phia and Lon­don are also addressed. t.

  • The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers – A his­tory book which tells about the lives of six famous men from the per­spec­tive of their rela­tion­ship with the women in their lives.

Flores, Suzana, E.

Floyd, Ted

Flusfeder, David

  • John the Pupil – a fic­tional trav­el­ogue set in the mid­dle ages which is both funny and clever. Right from the first pages, the author mocks the entire book by stat­ing that “all his­tor­i­cal nov­els are fail­ures”, that takes guts.

Foer, Joshua

Follett, Ken

  • Eye of the Needle – An award-winning spy thriller that takes place in 1940, following MI5’s attempt to capture a top German spy

  • The Pillars of the Earth – A novel set in Kings­bridge, Eng­land and mainly tells about the build­ing of the cathe­dral in town. The novel was pub­lished in 1989 to excel­lent reviews and has become widely read despite its length, listed on the BBC’s Big Read (#33) and selected for the Oprah Book Club.

  • Never – A political fiction book spanning the globe from intelligence agents fighting terrorism in the Sahara, and the implication they have up the chain to Presidents and generals

Forest, Susan

  • Bursts of Fire – A fantasy novel following the Falkyn sisters who find themselves out of their castle when their kingdom has been invaded. The princesses are heirs to the imperial magiel of the Kingdom of Orumon, or as they know her – Mom.

Forkish, Ken

Foster, Thomas C.

Fox, Scott

Fraction, Matt

Frank, Wolfe

Frankel, Neville, D.

  • On the Sickle’s Edge – a novel following generations of Russian Jews and their struggle with their religion, society and economic system

Franklin, Tom

  • Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter – A fictional story set in the late 70’s in rural Mississippi. This atmospheric book and deals with the harsh punishment society deals to those they deem guilty (without proof) as well as racial elements.


  • America for Beginners – A novel following the journey of Mrs. Sengupta along with Satya is Mrs. Sengupta’s “tour guide”, only that he has been in the country about a year and Rebecca, an out of work actress, joining them for modesty purposes.

Frater, Stephen

Freedman, Harry

  • The Talmud: A Biography – A non­fic­tion book cov­er­ing the his­tory of the com­plex text of Rab­binic Judaism..

Freeman, Brian James

Friedman, Matti

Freudenberger, Nell

  • The Newlyweds– A fic­tional book which deals with online mar­riages of US cit­i­zens to mail order brides from Bangladesh.

Friedrich, Karl

Friis, Agnete

Death of a Nightingale (with Lene Kaaberbøl) – The third Nina Borg book from the Danish authors, this time Nina, a Red Cross nurse, tries to help a refugee who is accused of murdering her husband.

Fuentes, Carlos

  • Vlad – Count Dracula, Vlad, has decided to immigrate toMexico after the mayhem inEastern Europe and countless wars have shortened his blood supplies. A short novel by one of Mexico’s greatest writers.

Funder, Anna

  • All That I Am – An award win­ning novel about Jew­ish play­wright Ernst Toller, his lover Dora and their friend Ruth who sud­denly become crim­i­nals when Hitler comes to power.

– G –

Gadney, R. J.

Gafla, Ofir Touché

  • The World of the End – Ben Mendelssohn wants to be reunited with his belated wife, he will do any­thing to be with her again and on his birth­day he puts a bul­let in his head to accom­plish the task. When Ben enters the Other World he dis­cov­ers that find­ing a per­son among the mil­lions who occupy the realm is not an easy task.

Gaiman, Neal

  • American Gods – A fictional book which blends fan­tasy, Amer­i­cana and mythol­ogy to cre­ate a unique story from the bril­liant mind of one of today’s top writers.

  • Anansi Boys – Fat Char­lie returns to the United States to take care of his father’s estate only to find out that he has a twin he totally for­got about, and that his father was a minor African god (although a pow­er­ful one).

  • The Graveyard Book – Winner of the prestigious Newbery Medal award. This is a fictional book which takes place in a graveyard. Mostly.

  • Norse Mythology – A retelling of the stories which captivated many over centuries.

  • Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman – A fantasy book taking place underneath London, in a city of monsters, saints, murderers, and rats

  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane – A man returns to his child­hood home in Sus­sex, Eng­land. The man finds him­self in a farm which is down the road from where he lived. As the man sits by the pond, he starts remem­ber­ing events of bygone years, a sui­cide, a stolen car and dark­ness unleashed.

  • Odd and the Frost Giants – an award win­ning fic­tional YA book inspired by Norse Mythol­ogy.

  • The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes – A graphic novel which encompasses the collected issues of Sandman #1-8. This is the story of Morpheus, an eternal being responsible for sleep and rules over The Dreaming – the place where humans go when they are in an unconscious state.

  • The View from the Cheap seats: Selected Nonfiction is a compilation of essays on many subjects the author composed.

Galloway, Steve

  • The Cellist of Sarajevo – Dur­ing the siege of Sara­jevo a musi­cian sees 22 of his friends and neigh­bors get­ting killed while wait­ing in a bread line. The man decided to play his cello on the site for 22 days and the reader follows four people throughout those days.

Ganeshram, Ramin

  • The General’s Cook – A historical fiction book taking place in 1793, following Herucles, a slave as well as President George Washington’s chef.

Garden, Don

Gardner, Ian

Gardner, John

  • John Gardner’s Bond

    • Licensed Renewed – James Bond updated to the 1980s, going after a genuis scientist planning a worldwide nuclear meltdown

    • For Special Services– James Bond is fighting a new incarnation of SPECRE and Blofeld in Texas

Gardiner, John Reynolds

  • Stone Fox – A fic­tional story for children, based on a Rocky Moun­tain leg­end.

Garfield, Simon

Garrison, Webb

Gates, Robert M.

Gayle, Sussan

  • The Caves of San Pietro – A historical fiction story set in Italy during World War II, following an American soldier an Italian family during the The Battle of San Pietro Infine

Gaynor, Hazel

  • The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter – A historical fiction book, telling of Grace Darling, a celebrated English heroine of the Longstone Lighthouse, Northumberland, and her ancestor a hundred years later.

Geddes, Luke

  • Heart of Junk – A novel about a group of antique dealers in Wichita, Kansas excited about a famous antiques television show filming an episode in their mall, but have to get around the bad press of a kidnapped child

Gelatt, Philip

Gibbs, Nancy

Gibson, Sebastian

  • Nitt Witt Hill– A polit­i­cal satire which brings for­ward the absur­di­ties of today’s pol­i­tics.

Gigliotti, Jim

  • Who Was Bruce Lee? – The book tells about Lee’s influ­ence in mar­tial arts and pop cul­ture, as well as touch on how Lee intro­duce Chi­nese cul­ture to main­stream Amer­i­can and his influ­ence in that arena.

Gilbers, Harald

  • Germania – A murder-mystery taking place during the last weeks of World War II, following a Jewish investigator reactivated by the Gestapo. This book won the Glauser Prize for the best German crime novel.

Gilbert, Elizabeth

Gildin, Leon H.

  • The Polski Affair– The award winning book about a very weird and bizarre his­tor­i­cal occur­rence dur­ing World War II.

    The Family Affair – The fic­tional con­tin­u­a­tion of his award The Pol­ski Affair. Like its pre­de­ces­sor this is a short book, but one that packs in impact.

Gill, Chris

Eruption: Conversations with Eddie Van Halen (with Brad Tolinski) – A compilation of interviews, as well as the sidebars, really lets the reader know Eddie Van Halen like never before.

Giorello, Joe

Gingeric, John

  • The Appetite Factory – Follows a Madison Ave., crisis management specialist living in a post-truth world.

Gladstone, Max

Glasser, Susan

Gleason, Patrick

  • Superman vol. 1: Son of Superman (with Peter J. Tomasi, illustrated by Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke) is a graphic novel which introduces the world to the “new” Superman…. Kind of.

  • Superman, Volume 2: Trial of the Super Sons (with Peter J. Tomasi, illustrated by Patrick Gleason,Doug Mahnke & Jorge Jimenez, inked by Jaime Mendoza, Trevor Scott, Mick Gray, Christian Alamy & Mark Morales, colored by Alejandro Sanchez, Wil Quintana, & John Kalisz, lettered by Rob Leigh) – A graphic novel telling of Jon Kent, Superman and Lois’s son, who is becoming more powerful and gets on the radar screen of his father’s powerful foes.

  • Superman Vol. 3: Multiplicity (with Peter J. Tomasi) (art by Patrick Gleason, Jorge Jimenez, Ivan Reis, Ryan Sook, Tony S. Daniel, & Sebastián Fiumara) – A graphic novel featuring alternate version of Superman that have been disappearing.

Gleick, James

  • The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood – A non-fiction book for the information age, talking about how people send information (and misinformation) from tum-tums in Africa, to Ada Lovelace, Alan turning and every “expert” on Twitter and Facebook.

Goldberg, David Richard

Golden, Daniel

Goldenberg, Anna

Goldstein, Andrew

  • The Bookie’s Son– A com­ing of age novel about the son of a col­lec­tor agent to a Jew­ish crime lord, gam­bler and, of course, a bookie. Grow­ing up to a poor fam­ily in the Bronx dur­ing the 1960s .

Goodman, Giora

Goodwater, W.L.

  • Breach – A novel taking place in the aftermath of World War II, where the remaining powers fight with magic as well as conventional means.

Goodwin, Doris Kearns

Goolrick, Robert

  • A Reliable Wife– A fictional story about a 58 year old widower and his mail order bride. The story takes place in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, as well as in the heated, burning desire of the characters’ hearts.

Gordon, David

  • Mystery Girl – A men’s novel full of self doubt, awk­ward­ness, porn, manly movie talk and Jackie Chan. Sam Korn­berg lives in L.A., his mar­riage is falling apart and it looks like he’ll never be the nov­el­ist he dreamed of being. Look­ing for any job he might be qual­ify for , Sam gets a job as an assis­tant (he spe­cial­izes in being an “assis­tant”) detec­tive to Solar Lonsky.

Gordon, Neil Perry

Gorenberg, Gershom

Gorham, Christoper C.

Gowda, Shilpi Somava

Graham, Benjamin

Graham, David

  • Incitement– A novel following DEA agen Diane Mesi is investigating a war between two drug cartels.

Graham, Don

Grann, David

  • The Lost City of Z – A non-fiction account of the author’s trip to Brazil fol­low­ing the foot­steps of famed explorer Percy Har­ri­son Faw­cett.

Grant, Richard

Graton, Johanna

Gray, Michael Loyd

  • Not Famous Anymore – A a fic­tional book which addresses the price of fame following a famous action her on his journey back to his hometown and out of the spotlight.

Gray, Philip

  • Two Storm Wood – A thriller/mystery set on the battlefields of the Somme, a few months after the Armistice of World War I.

Grecian, Alex

Greenberg, Steven

  • Galerie – A novel about a woman looking for her roots and a family secret from World War II.

Greenberger, Scott S.

Grennan, Conor

  • Little Princes – A memoir of the author’s time as a volunteer in an orphanage in Nepal. Not only did Mr. Grennan volunteer, but he also went above and beyond to find the long lost families of these children who were never orphaned but used and manipulated by war profiteers.

Griffin, Scott Tracy

  • Tarzan The Centennial Celebration – A lavish cof­fee table book cel­e­brat­ing 100 years of the famous lord of the jun­gle in books, TV, movies, comics and more. Mr. Grif­fin is the lead­ing author­ity on Edgar Rice Bur­roughs and on his 1912 cre­ation of which this book is about.

Grisham, John

  • The Boys from Biloxi A thriller set in Mississippi, a saga of two Croatian immigrant families who find themselves on the opposite side of the law

  • Gray Mountain – A legal thriller taking place in the coal mining world of Virginia.

  • Playing For Pizza– A fictional book mostly set in Italy. This fish-out-of-water story is perfect for the reader/sport lover and could be read in one sitting.

  • Rogue LawyerA legal thriller starring a street lawyer who’s not afraid to fight authority and bend the law when necessary

Groom, Winston

Gross, Joel

  • The Books of Rachel – A saga traversing centuries, following the Cuheno / Ha-Cohen / Cohen / Cohn family of diamond dealers, who pass a diamond to daughters all named Rachel

Grubman, William Ian

  • The Storm over Paris – A historical fiction novel taking place in Paris, 1942, and follows an art dealer trying to save art from the hands of the Nazis.

Gruen, Sara

  • Water for Elephants– A fictional boy-meets-girl story/boy-and-his-elephant set against turn of the century circus scene.

Grylls, Bear

  • A Survival Guide for Life – A series of short nar­ra­tives (75 in all), many telling anec­dotes from the life of the authors tai­lored and/or manip­u­lated to accom­mo­date the bul­let point the nar­ra­tive tries to make.

  • Never Give Up: A Life of Adventure – the author shares anecdotes from his life, business, TV shows, as well as family adventures.

Guinn, Jeff

Gul, Imtiz

Gunnin, Sally Cabot


  • The Rabbit Hutch – A novel about residents of low-income housing in a fictional Indiana town.

Gutfreund, Amir

Guthrie, Woody

  • House of Earth – A recently published novel, written in 1947, much like the singer’s lyrics, full of crit­i­cism and pow­er­ful imagery of the Amer­i­can farm­ers who suf­fered might­ily dur­ing the dust bowl.

Gutman, Yechiel

Gyland, Ella

  • The Helsingør Sewing Club – A historical-fiction book taking place in Denmark during World War II, about a girl in the Resistance helping to smuggle Jews out of the coutnry.

– H –

Ha, Khanh

  • Flesh– A fictional story of the com­ing of age story in a dark time of a young man’s life in violent 20th Century Vietnam.

Haas, Wolf

  • Brenner and God– A fictional a detec­tive novel tak­ing place in Ger­many follow Simon Bren­ner a retired police offi­cer who is now a chauffeur.

Haa­sis, Hell­mut G.

  • Bombing Hitler– The true story of Georg Elser and his failed attempt on Hitler’s life..

Haddon, Mark

  • The Porpoise – A novel following three stories in different time periods, all with a common narrative.

Haden, Peter

  • Jan – A fictional account, based on the author’s uncle, which takes place between 1918 – 1940 when a Polish man, whose family has been murdered by the Nazis, joins the British to fight.

  • Hedda – The second in a trilogy, this one focusing on a Polish-German woman recruited to work for British Intelligence during World War II

Haggard, H. Rider.

  • King Solomon’s Mines– The first novel is the first to fea­ture adven­turer Alan Quater­main published in 1885.

Haig, Matt

  • How to Stop Time – A novel that follows the life of a man who lived for hundreds of year

Halevi, Yossi Klein

Hallie, Philip Paul

  • Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed -Tells of Le Chambon, a small hamlet of Protestants in Vichy France who were helping Jewish refugees escape

Halson, Penrose

Halter, Marek

Hamid, Mohsin

  • How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia – An uniden­ti­fied pro­tag­o­nist works towards his dream of becom­ing filthy rich. His jour­ney from a poor boy to a cor­po­rate leader is chron­i­cled in this book shaped as a busi­ness self-help book.

Hambling, David

Hanks, Tom

Hankes, N.B.

Hankin, Joshua

  • Morningside Heights – Tells of a family whose patriarch has been struck with Alzheimer’s.

Hansen, James R.

  • First Man– The first authorized biography of astronaut Neil A. Armstrong.

Hanson, Mark

  • Will (with Will Smith) – A memoir of the famous actor, musician, producer, family man, and all-around nice guy

Haney, Earl (with Lee Courtnage)

  • Mission to Mach 2 – Mr. Haney’s mem­oir about his mil­i­tary career which focuses on Haney’s fas­ci­nat­ing Air-Force career.

Harding, Thomas

Hardy, Thomas

  • Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Pub­lished in 1891 , the book fol­lows Tess through her tri­als and tribu­la­tions in Vic­to­rian Eng­land.

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood

  • The Mercies – A novel based on real occurrences during a freak storm and a witch hunt in a small Norwegian village of Vardø in the early 1600s.

Harrington, Joel F.

Harris, Oliver

  • The Hollow Man – A crime fiction book introducing Lon­don police detec­tive Nick Belsey, a broke, drunk man who bends the rules often and not always for the right reasons.

Harrow, Alex E.

Hart, Gary

  • James Monroe– A short biography of the fifth US President by a presidential candidate.

Haskell, Molly

Hault, Lucas

  • The Devil’s Whispers– A gothic horror novel taking place in 1903, England told through letters and diary entries.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Heightsman, Helen Gordon

  • Malinalli of the Fifth Sun – A his­tor­i­cal fic­tion novel tak­ing place in South Amer­ica dur­ing Hernán Cortés’ time focusing on native woman Mali­nalli who was an impor­tant per­son in Cortés’ entourage who have been vil­i­fied through­out the ages.

Heimbuch, Craig J.

  • And Now We Shall Do Manly Things – A non-fiction book about the author’s adven­tures learn­ing to hunt while chron­i­cling his per­sonal jour­ney and learn­ing about the hunt­ing cul­ture in America.

Hely, Steve

Hellström, Borge (with Andres Roslund)

  • Three Seconds – Winner of the prestigious Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year in 2009. This crime fiction novel focuses on the prison drug trade, Swedish prisons and justice system.

Hendley, Doc

  • Wine to Water – A non-fiction mem­oir of the author start­ing the Wine to Water non-profit. The char­ity brings clean water to many parts of the world.

Henley, Wallace

Hepburn, Ainslie

Hepinstall, Kathy

  • Blue Asylum – A fic­tional book tak­ing place in an insane asy­lum dur­ing the Amer­i­can Civil War questioning the definition of sanity.

Hersch, Jack J

Hesse, Monica

  • The Girl in the Blue Coat – A young adult award winning novel, a national bestseller, which takes place in Holland during World War II.

Hickam, Homer

  • Carrying Albert Home – The story of Mr. Hickam’s parents as a young couple in the 1930s, traveling from Florida to West Virginia with a pet alligator so she’ll have a bit of Florida in West Virginia. When the alligator grew, the couple took a trip to bring the alligator, named Albert, back to Florida.

Higgins, Jack

  • The Eagle Has Landed – A novel detailing the efforts of a German crack commando team to invade England and kidnap Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II.

  • Solo– A fast, exciting read which is a lot of fun, lots of action and an interesting simple plot.

Higashino, Keigo

  • The Devotion of Suspect X – A charming novel focuses on the mind games played between the suspect and a police consultant – both brilliant mathematicians.

Hill, Bryan

Hill, Clint

Hill, David Wesley

Hill, Susan

Hillenbrand, Laura

  • Unbroken – An amazing non-fiction story of Loius Zamperini and American athlete, World War II Air Corp bombardier who survived a crash and interment in a Japanese POW camp.

Hinman, Wendy

Hlad, Alan

  • The Book Spy – Follows an American Librarian recruited by the OSS to collect Axis information overseas

Hoag, Tami

  • Deeper than the Dead – A fictional thriller set in 1985, before computers, forensics and a cell phone was as big as a brick (and weighed just as much). The book follows an FBI agent who is following a killer in a small town in California.

  • Secrets to the Grave – A fictional mystery featuring the recurring characters we met in “Deeper than the Dead”. The novel takes place in the same town of Oak Knoll, CA and is set in the mid 1980’s.

Hoalst-Pullen, Nancy

Holdt, Thilde Kold

  • Northern Wrath – Norse mythology story, taking place in this world and the worlds between, part one of the Hanged God Trilogy.

  • Shackled Fates – Loki breaks loose from his prison to bring about Ragnarock. All the while, Ragnar who let him loose, is willing to do anything to save his gods

  • Slaughtered Gods – The final book in the Hanged God Viking mythology trilogy. Ragnarök is upon the nine worlds.

Hollars, B. J.

Holroyd, Jack

Holt, Craig

  • Hard Dog to Kill – A novel about two American mercenaries in the African Congo. Mr. Holt writes books, screenplays and short stories, Hard Dog to Kill was a finalist in both the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Competition, and the Colorado Gold Writing Contest.

Holt, Nathalia

Hooker Jr., R. D.

  • Beyond Vom Kriege: The Character and Conduct of Modern War – A non-fiction consisting of essays about the theory of war, expertly researched and professionally written, from a perspective of a solider, statesman, and intellectual who stays true to the facts and dispels myths which inevitably come when the military becomes politicized.

Horan, Ellen

  • 31 Bond Street – A historical fiction novel taking place in 1857 New York City. The book follows the notorious trial of Emma Cunningham for the murder of her landlord Dr. Harvey Burdell, a famous dentist.

Horan, Nancy

  • Under the Wide and Starry Sky – A fic­tion­al­ized account of the rela­tion­ship of famed author Robert Louis Steven­son and his wife Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne.

Horner, Doogie

Horowitz, Marilyn

  • The Book of Zev – A novel pep­pered with black & Jewish humor which tells the story of how two peo­ple changed his­tory.

Hoskins, W. G.

Hosseini, Khaled

  • And the Mountains Echoed -A poor Afghan laborer hands over his pre­cious 3-year-old daugh­ter to a wealthy cou­ple liv­ing in Kabul. The con­se­quences of the sib­lings’ sep­a­ra­tion are told through a series of over­lap­ping sto­ries from dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive which span a lifetime.

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns – Another impres­sive book about life in Afghanistan but this time about the plight of women under the rule of the Tal­iban.

Howard, Anne & Mike

Howe, James

  • Bunnicula (Guest Review) – A children’s book – Bun­nic­ula is a vam­pire rab­bit. But instead of the typ­i­cal vam­piric ten­den­cies, Bun­nic­ula sucks the juice out of veg­eta­bles

Hugo, Victor

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame – A des­per­ate and quite depress­ing novel filled with the lone­li­ness of 15th Cen­tury Paris. The novel became a clas­sic and the Hunch­back became a tragic hero as well as a cul­tural icon.

Humphries, Sam

Hur­witz, Harry (editor)

  • Peace in the Making edited (with Yis­rael Medad) – The com­plete cor­re­spon­dence between the Israeli prime min­is­ter Men­achem Begin and the Egypt­ian pres­i­dent Anwar Sadat dur­ing the his­toric peace mak­ing efforts.

Hutton, Robert

Hyslop, Stephen G.

– I –

Iggulden, Conn

  • Genghis: Birth of an Empire – A his­tor­i­cal fic­tion story fol­low­ing the young man who will even­tu­ally become Genghis Kahn.

  • The Falcon of Sparta – A fictionalized account of the book The Persian Expedition by Xenophon who led the Greek mercenaries, known as the Ten Thousand, who are stuck deep in hostile territory, must fight the Persian Empire to get home after the Battle of Cunaxa.

Indridason, Arnaldur

  • The Darkness Knows – The first book in the detective Konrad (Konráð #1) series, which finds him opening a 30 year old murder.

Ingle, Bob

Irving, Clifford

  • The Angles of Zin – A novel taking place mostly in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, in which Paul Bach, Chief Homicide Inspector and a veteran from the Russian front is investigating murders of Nazi guards.

Irving, John

Isaacson, Walter

Ishiguro, Kazou

  • Never Let Me Go – A dystopian book about a young woman, realizing she’s being bread for “parts”.

– J –

Jacobs, Delle

  • Loki’s Daughters (Guest Review)– a historical romance taking place in Ireland in a Celtic village where every man of fighting age is dead. A young woman, who is also trying to care for her sister with failing eyesight and her young nephew had to deal with a Viking invasion.

Jaher, David

Jahn, Ryan David

  • The Dispatcher– a fic­tional thriller which takes the reader from­ Texas to Ari­zona in a it moves fast and furi­ous pace.

James, Brian

Mjolnir – A fictional book telling about the old Norse gods, now living on Earth trying to make ends meet.

Jaeckel, Jenny

  • House of Rougeaux – A novel following the Rougeaux family from being enslaved in the Caribbean, to finding freedom

Jankowicz, Nina

Jensen, Cartsten

  • We, The Drowned – A spellbinding, award winning (Danske Banks Litteraturpris) fictional book which spans 100 years in the lives of the inhabitants of the small Danish coastal town Marstal. Jensen’s debut novel is hailed as an instant classic and rightfully so.

  • The First Stone (translated by Mark Mussari) – A novel which follows a Danish platoon fighting in Afghanistan, who find themselves as not only hunters, but as prey as well.

Jiles, Paulette

  • News of the World – A novel taking place in Texas around 1870. This book is a finalist for the 2016 National Book Award in Fiction.

Johncock, Benjamin

  • The Last Pilot – A historical fiction book taking place during the height of the space race.

Johns, Geoff

  • DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns (illustrated by Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, and Ethan Van Sciver) – A graphic novel which follows Wally West (Kid Flash) is lost in time and dimensions thanks to the Flashpoint caused by Barry Allen (The Flash). Wally is drifting into nothingness, but can see the mysteries of the universe.

Johnson, Jocelyn Nicole

  • My Monticello – A collection of stories, one in particular follows a young woman, descendant of Thomas Jefferson, driven from her Virginia neighborhood by a white militia.

Johnson, Lisa S.

  • 108 Rock Star Guitars – A book fea­tur­ing pho­tographs of gui­tars (and gui­tars only) of famous gui­tarists. The book took 17 years for Ms. John­son to com­pile and photograph.

Johnson, Marilyn

  • This Book Is Overdue – A non-fiction account of the author’s research and pontifications of how librarians will guide our culture into technological literacy.

Johnston, Antony

Johnston, Ingeborg, M

Jones, John Isaac

Jonasson, Jonas

Jones, Chris Morgan

  • The Silent Oligarch – A fic­tional book about those in the shad­ows which hold the strings of power.

Joyce, James

  • Dubliners – A col­lec­tion of short sto­ries pub­lished in 1914. The sto­ries are loosely tied together and are con­sid­ered a clas­sic col­lec­tion in world literature.

Jubber, Nicholas

– K –

Kaaberbøl, Lene

Kafka, Franz

  • The Metamorphosis – This is the story of Gre­gor Samsa who wakes up one morn­ing and dis­cov­ered he has turned into a giant bug. A short, classic story but deep with many themes con­de­scend in a short space and between the lines.

Kagan, Neil

Kahl, Colin

Kahn, M. Salahuddin

  • Sikander – A fic­tional book which chron­i­cles the life of a Pak­istani man and how it changed after 9/11.

Kalotay, Daphne

  • The Archivists – A collection of 12 short stories, taking place between 2008 and the COVID era

  • Russian Winter – A fic­tional book which fol­lows the com­plex life of a Russ­ian prima bal­le­rina who defected to the US.

Kaminski, Michael

  • The Secret History of Star Wars – A non-fiction book chron­i­cling the cre­ative process behind the six Star Wars movies. A well researched, well writ­ten and inter­est­ing book not only for the Star Wars fans, but any­one who is inter­ested in the cre­ative process.

Kaminsky, Sarah

Kang, J. C.

Kaplan, Fred

Kaplan, Mitchell James

  • Rhapsody – Kathrine Swift is a talented pianist who married the competent banker James Warburg meets and falls in love with composer George Gershwin

Kaye, Harvey J.

Kaplan, Fred

Karlsson, Jonas

  • The Invoice – A novel set in current day Sweden in which the government has decided to add a “happiness tax” on the population.

  • The Circus (translated by Neil Smith) – A short book which tells of two friends who went to the circus, one of them volunteered to be in a magic act, and disappeared.

Katz, Yossi

Katzenback, John

  • Hart’s War – a courtroom drama taking place in a prisoner of war (POW) camp during World War II

Kemelman, Harry

Kempe, Frederick

  • Berlin 1961– A a non-fiction book which fol­lows the polit­i­cal tur­moil in 1961, a defin­ing year in US-Soviet rela­tion­ship.

Kennedy, Douglas

  • Temptation – A fic­tional book which takes the reader on a ride from the height of suc­cess to the lows in life. What hap­pens when a gilded door opens to a man who sud­denly has ample oppor­tu­ni­ties and Hol­ly­wood clout?.

Kershaw, Alex

Kerr, Philip

  • March Violets – The first in a series of noir nov­els about Bernie Gun­ther, an ex-policeman who turned pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor. March vio­lets refers to Ger­mans who went along with the Nazi vio­lence mindlessly.

  • Field Gray – A fic­tional novel tak­ing place alter­na­tively between the 1931 and mid 1954, mostly in Berlin. The book is 7th novel star­ring Bernie Gun­ther.

  • Prague Fatale – A fic­tional novel mostly set in Prague where Berlin detective Gunther is asked to solve a locked-room murder in a castle full of Nazis. The book is 8th novel star­ring Bernie Gun­ther.

  • Metropolis – A novel following The Weimar Republic is dying and young detective, Bernie Gunther, is investigating the murder of four prostitutes that have been scalped, a low profile case until the daughter of Berlin’s primary criminal is also murdered.

Khadra, Yasmina

  • The Attack – A fic­tional book set in Israel and the West Bank which follows an Arab doctor working in an Israeli hospital whose life turned upside down when his wife became a suicide bomber.

Khoury, Raymond

  • The Templar Salvation – This the long awaited fictional sequel to “The Last Templar” follows the adventures of Archeologist Tess Chaykin & FBI agent Sean Reilly as they are being forced on a quest for a Templar treasure.

Kiernan, Stephen P.

  • The Curiosity – On an Arc­tic expe­di­tion, Dr. Kate Philo dis­cov­ers the body of a man who was flash frozen deep in ice. In what could only be con­sid­ered excep­tional sci­ence with a bit of luck, the man, Judge Jere­miah Rice was brought back to life after being dead for more than a century.

Kindt, Matt

King, Crystal

  • The Chef’s Secret – A historical fiction novel taking place in Italy around the middle 1500s when Master chef Bartolomeo Scappi died and leaves his wealth, knowledge and even name to Giovanni, his long time apprentice.

King, Stephen

King, Tom

  • Batman, Vol 1: I Am Gotham (with Scott Snyder) – There are two new heroes in Gotham, aptly named Gotham and Gotham Girl. Both of those new heroes have Superman-like powers.

  • Batman, Vol 2: I Am Suicide (illustrated by Mikel Janín and Mitch Gerads, colored by June Chung, and lettered by Clayton Cowles) – A graphic novel where Batman puts together his own Suicide Squad and leaves Gotham to retrieve a villain who is threatening Gotham City from Bain’s kingdom.

  • Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (Rebirth) (illustrated by David Finch) – In his quest to get Psycho Pirate, who can address the pain his venom causing him, Bane destroys Batman’s allies and foes until his final match with Bruce Wayne

  • Batman Vol 4.: The War of Jokes and Riddles (Rebirth) (illustrated by Mikel Janin) – Bruce Wayne (Batman) believes that Selina Kyle‘(Catwoman) needs to understand him better before their relationship moves forward, so he tells her a story of an all-out war between Joker and Riddler and himself.

  • Batman, Vol 5: Rules of Engagement (illustrated by Joëlle Jones) – When Selina Kyle (Catwoman) acceted the marriage proposal from Bruce Wayne (Batman) she realized she would have to deal with his ex – Talia al Ghul in order to be happy.

  • Batman Vol. 6: Bride or Burglar (illustrated by Mikel Janin, Joëlle Jones, and Travis Moore) – A graphic novel which follows the complex path that Batman and Catwoman lead to their wedding.

  • Batman, Vol. 7: The Wedding (illustrated by Tony S. Daniel and Mikel Janin) – A graphic novel which culminates the story-line where Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle) are set to get married.

  • Batman/The Flash: The Button Deluxe Edition (with Joshua Williamson illustrated by Jason Fabok and Howard Porter) – A graphic novel which puts the two heroes together for an adventure which also introduces The Watchmen into the DC Universe.

Kingsolver, Barbara

  • Flight Behavior– A fictional book tak­ing place in Appalachia. The book is very lyri­cal and rich explor­ing the sim­ple yet com­plex life of rural Tennessee.

  • The Lacuna – Mexican author Harrison William Sheppard finds out what happens when you used to work for a Mexican communist employer in your teens.

Kim, Juhea

  • Beasts of a Little Land – A histroical-fiction book which follows a young girl, sold to a courtesan school, before the Korean independence movement

Kim, Un-su

  • The Plotters (translated by Sora Kim-Russell) – A novel about a South Korean assassin determined to find out who are the “plotters” – those that give the orders to kill.

Kimmage, Michael

Kirk, Jay

  • Kingdom Under Glass – A historical fiction – biography tale about the great taxidermist & conservationist, inventor and sculptor Carl Akeley.

Kirscht, Daryn

Kirschbaum, Eric

Kissinger, Henry

  • On China– A non-fiction book in which the famous states­man recounts and advises on the future of Chi­nese diplo­macy with the west.

Kix, Paul

Kjeldsen, Kirk

Kline, Christina Baker

  • The Exiles – A historical fiction book following two English women who were sentenced to the penal colony in Australia, and one native girl.

  • Orphan Train – a novel of a friendship between a 91 year old woman and a teenager, both of them with a spotted past.

  • A Piece of the World – A novel which tells the story behind one of Andrew Wyeth’s iconic painting Christina’s World.

Kluger, Jeffrey

Kocialski, Cynthia

Koenig, Walter

Kohn, Rebecca

Kolakowski, Christopher L.

Kollender, Andreas

  • The Honest Spy (translated by Steve Anderson) – A historical fiction book about a German clerk spying for the USA.

Kon­visser, Zieva Dauber

Korda, Michael

Korelitz, Jean Hanff

  • The Plot – Follows a failed writer that found himself with a bestseller on his hands, a mysterious person, however, keeps claiming it is plagiarized

Korn, Dan

Kot, Aleš

Krakauer, Jon

Krasny, Michael

Kritzler, Ed

Kulish, Nicolas

Kunitz, Daniel

Kuper, Simon

– L –

LaForge, Jane Rosenberg

la Grange, Zelda

  • Good Morning, Mr. Mandela– A mem­oir of Mr. Mandela’s pri­vate sec­re­tary. This is Ms. la Grange’s first book, which I under­stand caused some con­tro­versy as it is the first such mem­oir to come out after Mr. Mandela’s death.

Läckberg, Camilla

  • The Ice Princess – A Swedish murder mystery set in a small town.

  • The Stonecutter – The the third novel in the Fjall­backa mys­tery series featuring police­man Patrik Hed­strom taking on the murder or a neighbor’s child.

Lamb, Chris

Lande, Nathaniel

Landow, Loren

  • Ultimate Conditioning for Martial Arts – A guide for professional and amateur martial artists covering many subjects from power to speed to agility and even nutrition. There are many exercises and diagrams for the reader to follow.

Lansky, Aaron

Lapid, Shulamit

  • Human Error – This Israeli novel tack­les issues from the point of view of a female Mossad agent who is not a femme fatal, but a pro­fes­sional agent, a think­ing woman try­ing to inves­ti­gate the mur­der of an ex-colleague.

Larson, Erik

Larsson, Stieg

Lashinsky, Adam

  • Inside Apple – A non-fiction book which brings the reader into the behind the scenes world at Apple.

Laukkanen, Owen

  • Criminal Enterprise – A fic­tional crime book which asks what hap­pens when ordi­nary peo­ple take a short­cut to mak­ing money because they per­ceive it as their only option.

Lautner, Robert

  • Road to Reckoning– At age 12 Thomas Walker to go out west and sell Samuel Colt’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary “Improved Revolv­ing Gun”. Not long after their trav­els start, Thomas’ father is killed by rob­bers, and the young orphan tries to make it back home with his few pos­ses­sions, includ­ing a wooden model of the gun, and no money, rely­ing on the kind­ness of strangers.

Laws, David

  • Munich: The Man Who Said No! – A historical fiction story which tells two connected stories, that of a man in Europe during World War II, and that of his granddaughter, a historian in 2015.

Leather, Stephen

  • False Friends – An Al-Qaeda cell in England real­izes that there is a trai­tor in their mist and, while try­ing to plan a mas­sive ter­ror plot in the UK the orga­ni­za­tion involves the infor­mants. Detective Dan Shep­herd is the han­dler of Malik and Chaun­dhry, he must help them keep their cool until the plot is foiled.

LeBor, Adam

  • The Geneva Option – A novel which introduces the reader to Yael Azoulay, a high-level UN staffer.

Lecky, Pam

  • Her Secret War – Tells of Sarah Gillepsie, who finds herself over her head working for the war effort in England during World War II.

Lee, Min Jin

  • Pachinko – An award winning generational epic taking place in Korea and Japan, following Koreans living in diaspora .

Leibovich, Mark

Leibovitz, Liel

Lemmon, Gayle Tzemach

Lennon, Michael

Lethem, Jonathan

  • A Gambler’s Anatomy – A novel taking place in Germany and Berkley, California about a professional backgammon player, he comes to Berlin after a run of bad luck in Singapore

Lett, Brian

Leveen, Lois

  • The Secrets of Mary Bowser – A historical fiction story about a free slave who went back into Virginia to spy for the Union during the American Civil War.

Levenson, Mark

Levin, Adam

  • The InstructionsA fictional doc­u­ment writ­ten by Rabbi Gurion ben-Judah Mac­cabee and chron­i­cles four days in the life of the 10 year old boy who believes he is the Messiah.

Levin, Daniel

Levine, Joshua

Levinson, Leila

  • Gated GriefA non-fiction book about the author’s five year research to under­stand her father’s trauma from lib­er­at­ing a con­cen­tra­tion camp in World War II.

Levy, David

  • Directing Animation– A non fiction book from an industry insider about the art of directing animated features and shorts. Lots of wonderful real-life anecdotes from animation superstars.

Levy, Marc

  • All Those Things We Never Said – a short book in which a daugher and her father (sort of) get reacquainted after a lifetime of turmoil.

  • P.S. from Paris– a cute, short book which was a quick read with a simple, elegant and well told story.

Lewis, Ben

Lewis-Kraus, Gideon

  • A Sense of Direction– A mem­oir of the author walk­ing famous pil­grim­age trail while work­ing on his own issues.

Lenihan, Rob

  • Born Speaking Lies – a novel which takes place in Pennsylvania and Brooklyn about a mob hit gone wrong.

Lewis, Damien

Lichtblau, Eric

Light, Alan

Lindsay-Hogg, Michael

  • Luck and Circumstance – a memoir of the author’s fas­ci­nat­ing life in the enter­tain­ment indus­try as well as searching for an answer to who is his bio­log­i­cal father is.

Littell, Robert

  • Comrade Koba by Robert Littell – A novel in which a child, hiding in Communist Russia from the NKVD, meets an old man who is a high ranking government official, and the two strike a strange friendship.

Little, John (Editor)

Liviero, Gemma

  • Broken Angels – A novel taking place in the Lodz ghetto during World War II through the eyes of three people, Elsi, a Jewish teenager whose mother is forced to be a prostitute for the Nazis, Matilda, a Romanian girl who happens to look Aryan is taken from her family and brought to Germany so she can be molded as an Aryan child, and Willem is a Nazi docotr, officer and son of an important general.

  • The Road Beyond Ruin – A novel story taking place in Germany, right after World War II.

Liu, Marjorie M.

  • Monstress Volume 1: Awakening (Sana Takeda Illustrator) – A graphic novel of an original fantasy epic. Maika Halfwolf, an Arcanic, is the survivor of a violent war between humans and Arcanics. Maika seeks out to find more about her mother, but as her power grows she feels that she is being destroyed from the inside.

LLoyd, Robert J.

  • The Bloodless Boy – A historical fiction mystery taking place in London, 1678, the first in the Harry Hunt Adventures series. Harry is the assistent to famous English polymath Robert Hooke.

Loftis, Larry

London, Charles

  • Far from Zion – a non-fiction account of the author’s search for his iden­tity going far and wide look­ing for Jews in diaspora.

London, Jack

  • The Call of the Wild – A clas­sic short story writ­ten in 1903 about a dog named Buck who gets stolen from a loving home and thrown into a turmoil of adventures and abuse.

Long, Claudia Hagadus

  • Nine Tenth of the Law – Follows two sisters, reformed Jews, hunting down an artifact stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Ms.

Longridge, David

Lord, Jeffery

  • Ahab’s Return: or, The Last Voyage – A novel, imagining the famous Captain Ahab returning to Nantucket, only to discover that he is believed to be dead. Searching for his wife and son, the captain reaches New York City where he meets a tabloid reporter George Harrow. Harrow makes a deal with the captain to help him search, but write about it in The Gorgon’s Mirror.

Lostetter, Marina J.

  • Activation Degradation – A science-fiction book following a biological robot who realizes the life he was created for can be more meaningful.

Lowe, Stuart

Lower, Wendy

Lowry, Dave

  • Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves – A delightful summer read, quick, funny and easy to ingest. The storytelling and dialog are sharp and funny, and the characters are engaging.

Lowry, Lois

  • Number the Stars – An award-winning historical fiction book taking place in Denmark during World War II. Throughout the book, the kids watch how Danish resistance managed to rescue over 99% of Denmark’s Jews from the Nazis

Ludlum, Robert

  • The Scarlatti Inheritance – Ludlum’s first book about a rich boy who is about to bankrupt his family and help Hitler’s Third Reich.

  • The Osterman Weekend by Robert Ludlum – The host of an inves­tiga­tive news show, John Tan­ner, is told by an agent of the CIA and his friends who are invited to a week­end in the coun­try are plot­ting a con­spir­acy to threaten national secu­rity. The plan is called Omega.

Lukas, Michael David

  • The Oracle of Stamboul– A fictional book which follows the early years of a child who is thought to be the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Lutz, Tom

Lyons, David



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