Book Review: The Last Tourist by Olen Steinhauer

March 30, 2020

The Last Tourist by Olen Steinhauer is the fourth novel following ex-CIA assassin Milo Weaver. Mr. Steinhauer is a writer, TV show creator who has been nominated for several awards.

  • 384 pages
  • Publisher: Minotaur Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1250036216

Book Review: The Last Tourist by Olen Steinhauer
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I don’t know how Mr. Steinhauer is able to write such quality books so fast, it’s a good thing because he uses current events as backgrounds which makes the story better (a difficult task because it could easily age a story, or make it ridiculous). In The Last Tourist, author Olen Steinhauer manages to pull off another fascinating chapter in the saga of Milo Weaver, a reluctant ex-CIA assassin who found happiness in the life of a family man.
Only that his past comes to haunt him and doesn’t let him enjoy his peace.

One of the things I really enjoy about the Milo Weaver series, is that it’s like following an exciting chess match between governments and their operatives. Each one trying to outmaneuver the other, sacrificing pawns if necessary, and even generals when the objective must be met.

Much like the previous book in the series, Milo Weaver is almost a supporting cast member in this world of intrigue and manipulation. He does pull the strings that he controls, but let’s others do the work. Weaver is a complex character, he has his faults and somehow seems likeable nonetheless.

The storyline itself is exciting, full of betrayals, double crosses and plot twists galore. Like the previous books in the series, the author doesn’t bother to summarize everything in the beginning, laying it all out for the reader in a nice, neat package.

The author doesn’t not feed the reader clues, but asks for full attention while the story is told .The reader is trying to figure out the chessboard much like Weaver and his friends are, even though they are all playing together, but also against one another. Eventually you get fed the relevant information, but you probably already figured it by yourself.

This book is another solid entry in the series, any fan of espionage thrillers would enjoy the story and the entire series for that matter. I did miss the Milo Weaver playlist though.

Milo Weaver, the reluctant spy, finds himself facing a CIA analyst about 10 years after the Department of Tourism, CIA’s silent assassins, was disbanded. The two find themselves on the run when a new breed of Tourists tries to kill them both.

Trying to figure out what’s going on Milo recruits several of his friends, and enemies, from the past. Milo, however, has an advantage, he is in charge of The Library, a UN entity his departed father built which acts as a secret intelligence gathering organization, and shares its findings with only 12 countries.

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