Book Review: The Broken Places by Ace Atkins

May 31, 2016


The Broken Places by Ace Atkins is the third book in The Ranger series. The series takes place in the fic­tional Tibbe­hah County, Mis­sis­sippi and is centered on an ex-Army Ranger, Quinn Colson, who became sheriff.

Book Review: The Broken Places by Ace Atkins My rat­ing for The Broken Places — 4
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So far I have enjoyed all the books I read by Ace Atkins, I’m glad that The Broken Places is no different. Mr. Atkins doesn’t only write a great story, he lets the old, beloved characters develop (not only the protagonist) and introduces new and interesting one along the way.

The blending of authentic Southern living, along with a great crime story, is something that Mr. Atkins pulls off without a hitch and makes these books enjoyable and, for me, a must read. The town of Jericho is multi-faceted and rich (but not very diverse) and gives a glimpse of an America most of us don’t even know exits.

The book is a standalone novel, but I highly recommend reading the previous two to get some background on the town and the wonderfully drawn inhabitants. The characters in this series are dimensional and wonderfully drawn. No one is one hundred percent good or bad, sure our hero is more good than bad, but he is not perfect and the antagonist is also not a complete rotten jerk.


Two convicts escape and enter Tibbe­hah County looking for Jamey Dixon, a former mate who knows where lots of money is hidden. Dixon though, has used the money to buy a pardon and start a new life working as a minister.

To make matters worst, Dixon is dating Caddy Colson, the sheriff’s sister and not only has two violent convicts after him, but also those who took his bribes and don’t want it to get out.

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