Book Review: The Armor of Light by Ken Follett

December 19, 2023


The Armor of Light by Ken Follett is the fourth book in the Kingsbridge series, in 18th Century England. Mr. Follett has written over 35 books, and sold millions of copies in 40 languages around the world.

  • 752 pages
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Viking
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0525954996

Book Review: The Armor of Light by Ken FollettMy rating for The Armor of Light – 5
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Like other books by Ken Follett, The Armor of Light takes place over decades with many characters and an intricate story which my synopsis does no justice. However, the narrative never gets boring and this thick book moves quickly.

The story moves forward quickly, every section is a few years ahead, starting in 1792, when the French Revolution shook up the European monarchy, and ending at the beginning of the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution shook up the world with labor unrest.

I enjoy historical fiction very much and always have. My ongoing issue with the authors who write supposedly for this genre is that many write stories that take place in the past, which are not historical fiction. One of several reasons I enjoy Ken Follett’s books so much is that they are truly historical fiction. Not only do I find myself immersed in the books, but I also learn a few things while I’m at it.

I remember when reading The Pillars of the Earth, that I had to look up whether or not the town of Kingsbridge existed (it did not). However, the events which the stories revolve around

In the same manner as the other books in this popular series, acts of cruelty move the story forward. Those acts, however, are met by industrious ideas by the lower classes which, predictably allows for a feel-good outcome when good triumphs over evil.

As I read the novel, I fully realized I was being manipulated, and yet I couldn’t stop reading. The historical detail paired with engaging characters that I cared about made the novel fetching and appealing.


A revolution in the weaving industry is happening, the Spinning Jenny is the start of a new era of machination, making lots of money for owners, but also great unemployment.

Will Riddick, an arrogant and rich young man, accidentally kills the father of young Kit Clitheroe leaving him and his mother without a source of income. Will, of course, refuses to take any responsibility, the young widow, Sal, gets a pittance of money, and Kit is sent to the manor house. It doesn’t take long before Will, who resents Kit’s presence, knocks him out. Sal floors Will, and finds herself and Kit banished from the village, and to Kingsbridge.

Will’s uncle, Alderman Hornbeam, owns a mill and takes advantage of the new technology. Hornbeam ruthlessly protects his wealth and is using his position as Alderman to unethically advance his business interest on the backs of poor, uneducated, and unprotected workers.

All the while, the British government is passing ruthless laws to deter the poor populace from following the example of the French Revolution. On the horizon is also General Napoleon Bonaparte, sowing havoc across the continent, and setting his eyes across the channel to England.

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The Armor of Light by Ken Follett

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