Book Review: Take the Bai Road by Erika Mitchell

July 13, 2017

Take the Bai Road by Erika Mitchell is a novel which continues the adventures of CIA case officer Bai Hsu. This a new series by the author, featuring a charismatic Chinese American spy.

  • 242 pages
  • Publisher:Champagne Book Group
  • ASIN:B0739D191N

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Book Review: Take the Bai Road by Erika Mitchell
My rating for Take the Bai Road4
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I really enjoyed the first installment in the life of Bai Hsu and was glad to receive Take the Bai Road by Erika Mitchell for review. This is the second part of the series and continues in the same vain as the previous novel.

The author continues with her wry, witty storytelling and implausible story lines which are as much fun as they our outrageous. The story is fact paced, entertaining and a fast read. I enjoyed the characterization in the novel, we see all the characters through the eyes of the protagonist and his observations are funny and poignant.

The narrative provides action throughout the book, which is peppered with very funny moments many of them courtesy of Office Hsu’s inner monologue. Hsu’s internal thoughts also allow the character to grow throughout the book and we, the readers, get to know this wiseass a bit better.

The one small thing which bothered me, and that’s because I was looking forward to see how the author resolves that issue, was a deus ex machina plot device towards the end having to do with the CIA’s ability to manipulate images. Granted, that technology might exist but I was looking forward to a more imaginative solution from Ms. Mitchell to this issue which bugged me since it was brought up somewhere in the middle of the book.

But that’s a small complaint, I enjoyed reading the novel, an entertaining read for the summer season.

CIA case officer Bai Hsu is now behind a desk recuperating from his previous adventures and itching to go back into the field. Hsu’s luck shines and he is given a top secret mission, which might make persona non grata in the US.

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