Book Review: My Brother Job by Shemi Zarhin

December 26, 2018


My Brother Job (אח שלי איוב) by Shemi Zarhin is an Israeli novel, unfortunately this novel has not been translated (yet?) into English. Mr. Zarhin is an author and movie directory.

  • 424 pages
  • Publisher: Keter Books (2017)
  • ASIN: B076455LBQ

My rating forMy Brother Job5
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The way My Brother Job by Shemi Zarhin is written is almost biblical, very lyrical almost as if it belongs to a different day and age. Regardless of the story-line, the words just flow one after another in perfect harmony.

The plot is fast, interwoven with true events and one never really knows where fiction starts and reality ends. Job is a wonderful protagonist, he is likeable most of the time, and very conflicted (maybe even schizophrenic).

I really enjoyed the way the author toyed with words. I did not find the writing cumbersome at all, but instead enjoyed the way the words rolled, I even had to read some passages out loud, simply because it was clear to me that this was the way the author meant for them to be read.

I was never sure about anything in this story, at the end I was starting to doubt even which character is real. The true events help ground the story somewhat, but the whole reading of it seem surreal. This is a story that certainly could have been, until you read a paragraph or two which makes you question the whole story.

I enjoyed reading this book very much, the story was very good, but the writing is the real star of this novel.


We meet Job as an eight year old boy and a thief. He doesn’t know why he steals, but he does. One day he steals the belongings of important ministers in the Israeli government who come to visit his school, and sets the country on fire.

Job’s mother died, and took the secret of his name to her grave. His father is caring, but absent so Job is raised by a kindly neighbor – and he’s also in love with her daughter.

Books by Shemi Zarhin*

Zohar — Man of la Book
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My Brother Job by Shemi Zarhin

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