Book Review: Family of Warriors by Ed Devos

July 4, 2017

Family of Warriors by Ed Devos is a historical fiction book about proud American Warriors. Mr. Devos is an author, Bible teacher and military historian.

  • Publisher: Deeds Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 194419388X

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My rat­ing for Family of Warriors  — 3
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I was, am, and always will be a big supporter of the military (which I know to separate from policy). I enjoy reading books about the military (World War II especially), tactics, and people from the grunt on the ground to the generals high above.

When I saw the description and praise on Family of Warriors by Ed Devos I figured it’s right up my alley and picked it up. The story centers around a five brothers who all joined the American armed forces during World War II. The author writes of the brother’s experiences, struggles both at home and at war, as well as the war fought on the home front by those left behind.

The historical content in this book is very well researched and the author gives a short history lesson before each chapter. The short lesson consists of events happening both at home at and abroad on a national and global level.

The book is heavy on religion and I must admit I skipped some of those parts because I didn’t think they were relevant to the story being told. The characters are ultra-nationalistic and not very realistic, no one is that perfect, or that good, or that wholesome (OK, some people are but seven in the same household?) – however I understand what the writer was trying to conceive in his work.

The book is a strange juxtaposition of history lesson through the pre-story sections and historical content provided through the characters, which makes the dialog stiff and it doesn’t flow. Somewhere in the middle the author breaks from that habit but picks it right back up again. Even without the forced historical conversation, the dialogue still seemed stiff.
I’ve known hundreds of soldiers and spent thousands of hours with them, in and out of uniform, and no one I know talks like this.

This is a fine book for the reader who wants to know how global events shaped the lives of individuals during the war. This was a decent and very quick read, but I like my books to have more gray areas.

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