Book Review: Dr. No by Ian Fleming

March 23, 2016

Dr. No by Ian Fleming is the sixth novel in a series featuring James Bond, 007 from Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

  • 320 pages
  • Publisher: Viking (April 4, 2002)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0670910384

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Dr. No by Ian Flem­ing is probably the most over the top novel in an over the top series I have read so far. The novel is fun but sadism and racism clearly carry the narrative. In the previous novels the author at least attempted to sound somewhat open minded, no need to worry here about it.

The previous novel, From Russia with Love, ended with Bond winning the fight but with his life in peril. Unfortunately, this novel did not continue from the very dramatic and excellent ending. How Bond got well after being poisoned and passing out is a mystery, not to mention getting well.

Mr. Flemings attempt at write the character of Quarrel in authentic Jamaican voice backfired. The way the author has the character speak says more about his prejudices then help the reader imagine the character and scene. In his defense, it is very tricky writing even today with much more resources that Mr. Fleming could have even dream of and the Quarrel himself is one of the best friends Bond can have.

The evil Dr. No is creepy and foolish, lording over his vast empire of bird shit and protecting it to extreme degrees since it’s so lucrative.  Honey Rider, this installment’s femme fatale, was a bright spot. Starting out as an emotional woman, she really came to her own in the end of the novel with spirit and intelligence which fools Dr. No and Bond.

This book is fun and silly and it seems that Mr. Fleming had a good time cutting down a character he almost seemed bored of writing.  That being said, the James Bond of print is much more interesting and deep than the James Bond of the big screen.

Commander John Strangways, head of MI6 in Kingston, Jamaica has mysteriously disappeared and M sends James Bond to investigate. Bond knows that Strangways has been investigating a Chinese-German living on Crab Key island named Dr. Julius No.

Bond’s old friend, Quarrel, helps get on Crab Island to see if there is connection between Dr. No and the disappearance of Commander Strangways. On the island the pair meets Honeychile Rider who makes her living collecting valuable shells. Soon after Bond and Honey get captures by Dr. No’s “dragon” and discover that there is more to the island than it seems.

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