Book Review: Comanche by Brett Riely

January 20, 2020

Comanche by Brett Riely is a novel following a team investigating murders in Comanche, Texas. Mr. Riley is an award winning writer, who teaches literature, creative writing, and composition at the College of Southern Nevada, this is his debut novel.

Book Review: Comanche by Brett Riely
My rating for Comanche4
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This book was a lot of fun, a mix of many genres which don’t seem like they should work together. Comanche by Brett Riely starts in the violent Wild West, and turns into a gothic horror story, and somewhere along the way it becomes a tense and gripping drama.

I don’t know how, but the author managed to create a big, interesting cast of characters without losing the narrative, pace, or storyline. The narrative is crisp and clean, right to the point, and doesn’t waste the reader’s time superfluous descriptions.

There is lots of good banter, sometimes you can’t tell if the character is saying, thinking, or just gesturing (oh, you) but the author gets the feeling across efficiently and quickly which makes the reading much more pleasurable.

The noir in the west type of story worked wonderfully in this instance, especially when the investigators from New Orleans show up, dealing with their own issues as well as the town’s. Each character had their own good motivation to act the way they do and their interaction with the rest of the cast in the novel.

Ghost stories are really not my genre, but this is a solid book that delivers a good yarn. I found the novel to be very entertaining, full of action, and best of all, very well written.

The people of Comanche, Texas managed to capture and kill The Piney Woods Kid, a murderer that has been the dredge of the town. They did not let up after his death though, and grimly chopped him up.

In 2016, multiple murders occur around the old “death house” and the community in in shambles. A group of investigators from New Orleans come to see if they can free the town from The Kid’s legacy.

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