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December 4, 2010


– A –

  • Anderson, Steve – Historical fiction author talking about his ideas, research and social media.

  • Atkin, Ann – Author of the “Flash His­tory” series talks about biographies, history and more.

– B –

  • Baer, Nadja and David Cohen – Talking about the graphic adap­ta­tion of the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion.

  • Belfer, Lauren – Author of “A Fierce Radi­ance” talks about research, writing and book promotions.

  • Benn, James R. – Historical fiction author of the Billy Boyle WWII series talks about social media, cover art and more.

  • Berger, W.K. – A published non-fiction author who decided to publish his first fiction book independently.

  • Block, Stefan Merill – Author of “The Storm at the Door” talks about fictionalizing his grandparents’ lives, family and social media.

  • Braude, Joseph -Author of the nonfiction book “The Honored Dead” (and several others) talks about social media, the Middle East and other subjects.

  • Busch, Colleen Morton – Author of the nonfiction book “Fire Monks” talks about Zen, Buddhism, Social Media and fire fighting.

– C –

  • Cohen, David and Nadja Baer – Talking about the graphic adap­ta­tion of the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion.

  • Connolly, John – The famous Irish best selling author, journalist and radio show host.  John answered a few questions about his writing technique, cover art and social media.

– D –

  • Danziger, Dennis – Public school teacher and author talks about teaching, writing and his former career in TV.

  • De Rober­tis, Car­olina – Best selling international author talking about writing, social media and her new novel set in Argentina.

– E –

  • England, Stephen– talks about counter-terrorism thrillers, social media and research.

– F –

  • Feldman, Ellen– Author of “Next to Love” talks about social media, writing settings and more.

  • Fishman, J.E. – Nonfiction author talks about his first novel, , animal testing, found­ing The Bed­ford Book Works Lit­er­ary Agency, social media and more.

  • Freeman, Brian James – Horror author talks about working with the greats of the genre.

  • Friedrich, Karl – Author of the WWII historical fiction book Wings talks about social media, writing historical fiction, research and more.

– G –

  • Gildin, Leon H. – Award winning author of The Pol­ski Affair and its sequel The Fam­ily Affair talks about social media, research, writing a sequel and more.

  • Griffin, Scott Tracy – Tarzan expert talks about his new lavish coffee table book, the Lord of the Jungle, social media and more.

– H –

  • Hepinstall, Kathy– talking about her book Blue Asylum which takes place in an insane asylum during the American Civil War..

  • Hoag, Tami – New York Times best selling author answering questions about human nature, cover art and social media.

  • Horan, Ellen – Author of the fabulously researched “31 Bond Street” answers some questions about her research, marketing and social media.

– I –

  • Ingle, Bob – Journalist and author of The Soprano State.  Bob answered a few questions about New Jersey’s culture of corruption.

– J –

– K –

  • Kalotay, Daphne – Author of “Russian Winter” talks about ballet, poetry, writing and social media.

  • Kim, Juhea – Author of “Beasts of Little Land” talks about reading in different languages, Korea, tigers, and historical fiction.

  • Kjeldsen, Kirk– Author of “Land of Hidden Fires” talks about Norway, his favorite books, writing historical fiction, and social media.

  • Kocialski, Cynthia– Author of “Startup From the Ground Up” talks about business,mistakes,promotions and more.

– L –

  • Lloyd, Robert J. – Author of The Bloodless Boy”, talks about writing historical mysteries, research, 1700s English and more.

– M –

  • Mahon, Elizabeth Kerri – Author of “Scan­dalous Women” talks about turning her blog into a book, scandalous women and social media.

  • Margolick, David – Journalist and author of “Elizabeth and Hazel” talks about civil rights, seg­re­ga­tion, book promotions and more.

  •  McDonough,Yona Zeldis – A special Q&A by my seven year old daughter to the author after we finished reading her book.

  • McRobbie, Linda Rodriguez– Talking about Princesses Behaving Badly, who made the cut and why.

  • Mott, Jason– Author of the best seller The Returned talks about his new novel, open questions and social media.

– N –

– O –

– P –

  • Penman, Sharon Kay – historical fiction author extraordinaire talks about writing, research and where does history ends and fiction begins.

– Q –

– R –

  • Rempel, William C. – Noted investigative journalist and editor for the L.A. Times talks about content, writing, facts and the difficulties interviewing someone in the witness protection program.

  • Rose, M.J. – Author of “The Rein­car­na­tion­ist” series talks about reincarnation, social media and more.

– S –

  • Saylor, Steven – His­tor­i­cal fic­tion author whose books about ancient Rome are not only enter­tain­ing, but well researched and enlight­en­ing as well.

  • Shoham, Liad – Best selling Israeli author talks about his experience marketing internationally, translations and more.

  • Skopp, Douglas R. – For­mer Dis­tin­guished Uni­ver­sity Teach­ing Pro­fes­sor of His­tory and cur­rent author talks about his book Shadows Walking, self publishing, research and Nazi Germany.

  • Smith, RJ. – Journalist and author talking about the James Brown biography he wrote titled: The One.

  • Soli, Tatjana – Author of “The Lotus Eaters” talks about her trip to VietNam and more.

– T –

– U –

– V –

– W –

  • Weisgarber, Ann– Award winning author talking about research, the Badlands, writing and more.

  • Wishnia, Kenneth – Professor and author of the unique book “The Fifth Servant” a smart mystery which is funny and interesting

– X –

– Y –

– Z –

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