Author Q&A with M.J. Rose

June 30, 2011

I recently read and enjoyed M. J. Rose’s (web­site | Face­book |Twit­ter) series of non-sequential books “The Rein­car­na­tion­ist“. I recently had an opportunity to ask her a few questions, and she was kind enough to answer them.

Q. Even though “The Reincarnationist” series deals with the supernatural, it seems to me that you do an enormous amount of research. What do you do to prepare, research wise?‬
A. I don’t think of them as supernatural books at all – which is funny – so many readers mention that – of course they are since there are reincarnation elements in each – but I see them as historical suspense.

To me the reincarnation elements are just a way to look deeper into some of the character’s pasts.

I did years of research before I started the first book and read over 80 books. Now I do about three months at least of research for each book.

Q. Each book in the series deals with some mysterious object with supernatural powers which help/cajole people to remember past lives. Are these objects part of the lore or did they come out of your imagination? ‬
A. The idea of Memory Tools came out of my imagination but the research I did into meditation had a huge effect on that happening.

To access past life memories you need to be able to go into a deep meditative or hypnotic state. In learning about how to do that I found that there are simple objects that help people relax and focus – sounds, incense, words repeated – so I took those facts and pushed them further and came up with my tools.

Q. Your books explains some complex theological beliefs from several religions. How did you work out that process? Did you have any help?‬
A. I got help from all the reading I did. My research takes me into some pretty esoteric areas. I do reach out to experts when I need to, though. Thank goodness for experts!

Q. ‪Some of your most interesting characters dance in the shadows between black and white/good and bad. Do you plan your characters this way or is that simply the act of the writing process?‬
A. I don’t plan that – they seem to be the kind of people I’m interested in. And what I believe people are like. I think we all are shadows and shades – no one is all good or all bad. Only pretending to be one or the other.

Q. You’re very active on the social media front. What are the challenges of book promotions in the social media age?‬
A. Endless. There are now 3 million books published a year – via traditional or self-publishing venues. Authors can’t just write – we have to constantly be getting our name out there. It’s not my favorite part of the biz.

Shameless plug disguised as a wiseass question, Why do you love co much and often visit the website?
Wisegal answer: Every five minutes or so and am always upset when it hasn’t been updated. In fact while I’m sleeping I have an alarm set to wake me up if in face you’d posted any bon mots while I’m been in dreamland.
Great job!!!!

Thank you for Ms. Rose for taking some time from your busy schedule.

Zohar – Man of la Book

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Author Q&A with M.J. Rose
Article Name
Author Q&A with M.J. Rose
I recently read and enjoyed M. J. Rose’s series of non-sequential books “The Rein­car­na­tion­ist”. I recently had an opportunity to ask her a few questions, and she was kind enough to answer them.

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