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Book Review: Nemesis by Jo Nesbø
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 26, 2014

I did not read this book in English, which gave me a different perspective on the Harry Hole novels. For example, the name itself in English is Harry Hole, but translated in another language with different emphasis and sounds it is more like Hari Hølā (Hoo-laa), a little point which I really enjoyed. Of course, the Norwegian names were difficult to pronounce, but that is part of the charm of translated novels.

Book Review: The Bat by Jo Nesbø
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / May 28, 2014

About: The Bat by Jo Nesbø is the first novel in the Harry Hole series. The series has been translated to several languages and even being made into a movie. My rat­ing for The Bat— 4 Buy this book in paper or elec­tronic for­mat* More Books by Jo Nesbø Thoughts: The Bat by Jo Nesbø is not the first  Harry Hole book I have read, I was on a book tour for The Devil’s Star and that’s when I discovered Harry Hole. The nice thing about  this series that, while you follow the characters, they novels are more or less standalone. Reading the other novels will give you more insight and more enjoyment, but they are not a must. This is an enjoyable novel, I found it peculiar that the author chose to set the novel in Australia, simply because it is the first novel in a series about a Norwegian detective, but it works. The “fish out of water” storyline seems particularly interesting in this case. Mr. Nesbø’s characters and descriptions are nicely written (great job by translator Don Bartlett) and the Norse attitude jumps off the pages. The novel’s mystery is solved about two thirds into the book…

Book Review: The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbø
4 Stars , Fiction / February 24, 2011

I got this book for free as part of the TLC Book Tour promotion. My rating for The Devil’s Star – 4 About: “The Devil’s Star” by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø (Website | Facebook)is the third in the Harry Hole series. This novel  was published in Norway in 2003, but just recently arrived in the USA. Purchase “The Devil’s Star” through the ManOfLaBook affiliate account From: Amazon |Book Depository US | Book Depository UK Thoughts: The Devil’s Star” by Jo Nesbø has a very complex hero. Harry Hole is a tormented alcoholic who is losing his relationship and sanity. Harry would have lost his job as a police officer if he didn’t have the uncanny ability to solve complex crimes. The book deals with a Norwegian serial killer, who we are constantly reminded is a rarity in Norway because it’s an American disease. Along with the killer, Harry Hole also has to prove that a standout officer is corrupt and battling the bottle. The novel introduces a sophisticated plot which, to be honest, had me scratching my bald head several times trying to remember who are the characters, what did they do (or didn’t do) and their relationship to the…

Book Review: Pegasus Falling by William E. Thomas

Captain Stanley Adam Malcom Parker, known as Sammy (S.A.M. Malcom), is a British captain in the Parachute Regiment during World War II. During operation Market he was captured but after attacking an SS officer, was sent to spend the rest of the war in a concentration camp. The same impulsiveness which has gotten him to the camp also helped him to survive.

The League of Extraordinary Gentle – Men of la – Book Challenge (Vol. 1)
Latest Posts , Reading Challenge / November 1, 2011

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O’Neill, is a wonderful graphic novel which take several famous (and not-so-famous) literary characters and mix them up together for an adventure of a lifetime. I thought it would be fun to read those classic novels and then the graphic novel to see how the creators managed to take such classics and mix them up all together.

Thoughts on: Just My Type: by Simon Garfield
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / September 7, 2011

About: “Just My Type: A Book About Fonts” by Simon Garfield is a nonfiction book about fonts. After reading this book I will never look at signs the same way again. 356 pages Pub­lisher: Gotham ISBN: 1592406521 The pub­lisher has made avail­able one (1) copy of “Just My Type” to be given out– enter at the end of the post. My rating for Just My Type  – 5 Buy & Save on “Just My Type” through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon |Book Depos­i­tory US | Book Depos­i­tory UK Thoughts: “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield (website | Twitter) is a humorous and entertaining book which will change the way you look at the world. Like me, most people probably don’t think much about fonts, unless they’re ugly, unfitting or difficult to read. As it turned out there are font aficionados out there, enough to merit heavy discussions on IKEA changing its font and to religiously maintain Internet groups. That is not including those whose livelihood depends on fonts (authors, designers, advertisers, etc.). Pangram: a phrase that contains all of the letters of the alphabetIf you know nothing about typography don’t worry, the second chapter explains common terms which you’ll want…

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