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New Kiva Loan: Nicola from Israel
Latest Posts / February 20, 2016

Click here to donate yourself Nicola is a former educator and the mother of four grown children. She decided to open her ‎own business selling jewelry and handbags in her village when it was time to retire. She ‎knew she and her husband could not live on their pensions, nor was she ready to just sit ‎at home.She decided to take business management courses at her local SBA and ‎take her unique style and taste to open her store. She gained a good customer base due ‎to the high-quality products. Now it is time to expand her products and refresh her store.‎Nicola decided to add new products to her store and needed this loan for a line of ‎household linens, sheets, towels and blankets, as well as a new, upgraded display ‎window, closets and shelving.‎Nicola wants to keep making sure she can provide a decent income and build a new ‎house, as her children have grown.‎ More information about this loanKIEDF targets some of the most marginalized groups and areas in Israel with its microfinance services, specifically working with Bedouins, Haredi women, and Israeli-Ethiopians. By contributing to this loan, you are supporting a borrower who otherwise would have very limited…

New Kiva Loan: Gaminia from Israel
Latest Posts / November 12, 2015

My beloved wife and I enjoyed our visit to Nazareth many years ago. A wonderful city with wonderful, well deserving people. Click here to donate yourself Click here to donate yourself Gaminia owns a cosmetics and hair salon. She earned her hair styling certification and ‎has been managing her growing business. Gaminia is a quiet, determined professional. ‎She is dedicated to reaching her goals and making sure each step that she takes in her ‎business strengthens the business and her family. After doing an exhaustive survey of ‎costs and benefits, Gaminia has decided to invest in an important cosmetics machine.‎ Gaminia needed this loan to purchase the new cosmetics equipment. She is ‎investing her own funds and utilizing the loan for the balance. Gaminia decided to ‎acquire this piece of equipment specifically for its potential to increase profits, meet the needs of her customers, ‎and its potential to strengthen her salon.‎ In the future, Gaminia wants to develop her business into a bridal salon which also sells ‎accessories. For now, she is strengthening her business and providing excellent service ‎to her customers, taking each step on her path to reach her next goal.‎

New Kiva Loan — Inbal from Israel
Latest Posts / August 19, 2015

We gave a new loan to Inbal from Israel, a farmer. Click here to donate yourself Click here to donate yourself Inbal is a 39-year-old mother of three. She opened her children’s educational ‎store online in 2008 and established a physical store in 2014. Inbal has a Master’s ‎degree in child psychology and has applied her professional knowledge to the area ‎of games, toys and books to assist parents with healthy toys for their children. She ‎combines educational toys for different stages of growth along with natural materials. ‎While Inbal found a unique and important business niche where she has an important ‎expertise, she was lacking financial management skills and for too long overstocked her ‎store out of proportion with sales. She did training with KIEDF, gained skills and ‎has developed smarter business practices. Over the last six months she has doubled her ‎profits as a result.‎ Inbal needed this loan to pay her supplier and for future stock, so she can receive a ‎discount and purchases will be based on sales. Through this investment she can invest ‎in future stock at lower prices and also gain the ability to return non-sold items as ‎opposed to selling them at a…

Fun Facts Friday: Israel Zangwill
Latest Posts / February 14, 2014

Israel Zangwill (21 Januar, 1864 – 1 August, 1926) was a British writer and humorist who dedicated his life to causes of the oppressed, from women’s suffrage to Jewish emancipation. Books by Israel Zangwill Zangwill enrolled in the Jews’ Free School in Spitalfields, east London. The school was for Jewish immigrant children offering a strict studying course (both secular and religious) as well as clothing, food and health care. One of the four houses of the school these days is named for Zangwill. Zangwil earned his degree from the University of London in 1884 earning triple honors. His nickname was “Dickens of the Ghetto” Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot was a hit in the US during 1909-1910. When The Melting Pot opened in Washington DC, October 5, 1909 President Theodore Roosevelt shouted from his box “That’s a great play, Mr. Zangwill, that’s a great play”. In 1912 Roosevelt wrote a letter to Zangwill that he will always count The Melting Pot “among the very strong and real influences upon my thought and my life.” Zangwill married Edith Ayrton, a gentile feminist and author Zangwill also wrote Broadway plays. Zangwill wrote a novel of Jewish life, Children of the Ghetto (1892), which brought…

Audiobook Giveaway: The Last Israelis by Noah Beck
Latest Posts / May 22, 2013

A few months ago I reviewed The Last Israelis by Noah Beck. Noah produced the first draft of his novel in just ten weeks, which is not much time to research, write, and refine a manuscript. So he took advantage of the many months involved in producing a second edition of his book (this time adding paperback and audiobook formats) to make many editorial refinements along the way. Noah also have a wonderful blog in which he writes of his experience in marketing a his book, dealing with publishers and other professionals which makes a fascinating read. Noah has been kind enough to offer one  Audible downloads of the audiobook to three winners (each one is a $20 value) on the condition that the winners will write and post a review. If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway, you can buy the paper, eBook or audio version today. Giveaway Give­away ends: May 29, 2013 A valid e-mail and account is needed Winners’ email address will be shared with Mr. Beck for the sole purpose of sending them the free download code Winners MUST write and post a review   Congratulations: allibrary@, studying.forensix@, etotschinger@

Fun Facts Friday: Benjamin Disraeli
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / December 21, 2012

Sir Benjamin Disraeli was born today, 21 December 1804 (d: 19 April, 1881), he was a man of many interests but today he is known most as a statesman but he was a prolific author as well.   Book by Benjamin Disraeli   1 )      Disraeli’s nickname was “Dizzy”. 2 )      In the 1820s Benjamin dropped the apostrophe from his last name (D’Israeli). 3 )      Disraeli is considered to be the pioneer of the political novel 4 )      His title was 1st Earl of Beaconsfield. 5 )      Although he was born Jewish, Disraeli was baptized at the age of twelve. Despite Disraeli being an observant Anglican. This was due to his father’s dispute with their synagogue. The elder D’Israeli would remain against organized religion for the rest of his life. 6 )      Disraeli’s his career was marked with criticism tainted with anti-Semitism including cartoons, nicknames (“Shylock”, “abominable Jew”) as well as being portrayed in an act of ritually murdering the infant Britannia. 7 )      Disraeli’s father, Isaac, was a historian and literary critic. 8 )      Disraeli faced financial disaster while gambling in the stock market. He and publisher John Murray attempted to publish The Representative, a newspaper to promote South…

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