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Guest Post: Social Media Optimization for Authors, Writers, and Book Publishers
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 19, 2012

  Before anything else, here is a good question for anyone who intends to launch and endorse his or her next book usinmg social media. “How do you plan to create a fan base on Twitter, Facebook, or any social networking site?”   Internet Facts First, let us look into important numbers regarding the Web’s development more than two decades ago.   The first website was set up in 1990. There were 252 million people in North America and 738 million in Asia browsing the Internet by 2009. There were 234 million websites by 2010 with 1.8 billion users.   Social Media Truths Those are statistical facts about the Internet. Now, let us proceed with a few insights on social media.   Facebook has over 650 million users. Many people view more than 30 billion YouTube videos in a month. Twitter has received 74 million unique visits in January 2010 and has passed the 10-billion Tweet mark after two months.   What do all these details mean to you and your profession then? Social media is capable of strengthening your content.   Social Media Optimisation OK. So, what comes next? Now, here are some strategies for specific sites.   1….

Guest Post: Marketing Books in the Social Media Age
Uncategorized / October 9, 2011

Marketing Books in the Social Media Age This is a guest post from James Norman, a writer for the content creation firm Article Writing Services. Advantages To Contemporary Marketing There are several challenges to today’s marketing scene that would seem to prohibit great success in publicizing books. A damaged economy translates into purses held more tightly and coffers that aren’t brimming at the edges. In short, it has become much harder to convince someone that their dollars are well spent on a particular item, including a book. In spite of this fact, this era of even more sophisticated technology provides for some assets to literary marketing. The biggest current web trend is social media; when used effectively, it can establish hype around a new title and get people excited about looking for it as soon as it’s available. Although new technology continues to be all the rage, there seems to be a return in favor of real human contact as well. Providing opportunities to associate a book with an actual flesh-and-blood person is a smart way to build interest in its release date.  How to Market Books Today The best ways to get the word out on books these days…

Guest Post: The Best Tool for Marketing Your Book Effectively
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 21, 2015

Influential writer as well as the most dominating writer has a wrong perception about the content writing. They think just giving a smaller portion with their content around limited on-line petals they can direct the traffic circulation. Remember on-line searcher ought to be catered they will way to merely, if anyone failed giving them what they really want you possibly have misplaced a option of marketing Books Online.

Guest Post: Turn Up the Lights by Jean Naggar – Part 1
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / April 16, 2012

While the publishing industry has been going through a confusing sea change, and ways for a writer to get published are multiplying like weeds, some things never change. The first step toward selling and marketing a book is probably trying to find a good literary agent. If you have faith in your book, that is still the smartest thing to do. Not only does a reputable agent have the know-how and the contacts to make a good deal, but having someone in your corner when everything around you is in flux is beyond priceless. Not everyone comes to publishing as a seasoned national celebrity. The buzzword bandied about in publishing circles is “platform,” although once upon a time, building up an author’s visibility was a job undertaken by the publisher of a book. Now it is up to authors to find ways to enhance and promote their work. Now, the internet reaches out into the cosmos, providing both a challenge and an opportunity. Many writers today are more savvy than their publishers as to what to do, and how to do it. While I started out seriously technophobic, I acknowledged reality. Swept along by my desire to see my book…

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