Giveaway (Over): Hawthorn Woods By Patrick Canning
Latest Posts / August 6, 2020

The publisher is giving away one (1) copy of this book – enter via the rafflecoper form at the end of the post Hawthorn Woods By Patrick Canning NEW DOMESTIC THRILLER DIVES INTO THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUBURBS: EVEN PRETTY LITTLE TOWNS CAN HAVE BIG UGLY SECRETS Not all small towns are as charming as they appear on the surface. That is what author Patrick Canning reveals in his new thriller novel, Hawthorn Woods [August 4, 2020]. A domestic suspense story set in the late 1980’s, Canning shows readers sometimes it is the smallest towns that have the darkest secrets. Appealing to fans of series like Stranger Things and Big Little Lies, Hawthorn Woods centers on Francine, who is reeling from a catastrophic divorce she just can’t seem to leave behind. She retreats for a two-week stay at her sister’s house in the picturesque town of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. The quaint neighborhood of shady trees and friendly neighbors seems like the perfect place to sort through her pain and finally move on with her life—but the tranquility doesn’t last long. Beginning with a complete stranger throwing a drink in her face at her own welcome party, Francine soon…

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