Guest Post: 5 True Ray Bradbury’s Predictions about the Future Technologies
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / February 14, 2020

Ray Bradbury is one of the science fiction pioneers who cleverly envisaged a brand new world and its reliance on cutting-edge technologies. In his famous dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 – published way back in 1953 – Bradbury predicted a wide range of high-tech phenomena that turned out to be true a few decades later. A lot of things we see and use on a daily basis may seem common and familiar in 2020, but the situation was totally different some 70 years ago. So, what is it that Ray Bradbury talked about back then? Here is the list of five true Ray Bradbury’s predictions about future technologies. Social networking Do you know that over three billion people worldwide use social networks such as Facebook and Instagram? Social networking is quite a big deal in the 21st century, but guess who talked about it first? You are right – the answer is “Ray Bradbury.” His seminal work describes how people interact with each other through the wall, thus creating a network of digital friends. This is essentially what modern social platforms are all about – making friends and establishing contacts in the digital environment.   Social isolation and alienation Bradbury’s short…

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